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WELCOME TO 2012  sunset 1 001_0001.jpg (12845 bytes) -  I like 'even' years better.

***Disclaimer - we make music, we like life, but we also take note of the craziness all around and sometimes write about it.  If you find yourself described in any of the fairy-tales on this page, just remember... all of your names and details are fictitious. Love and kiss kiss kiss, Delta Dawn

1 December 2012 - Saturday -

As Judge Judy says: "If It doesn't make sense, it's probably not true!"   

Unless you live in Provincialna.

Last night, I went to a meeting of the local coven.. under the guise of 'The Grail Group'.  I actually enjoyed myself and asked some specific questions of a specific friend over a pint in some pub up Dublin Street (The Magnum).  What I learned was this:

  1. It's not God, The Queen and the Navy. It's Sodomy, Rum and the Lash!

  2. Dr Zhivago is indeed piped in, as is the main love of his life.  I knew that, but figured, in for a penny in for pound and he tells me he's my 'Guardian Angel'.  Never look a gift Guardian Angel in the mouth.. or in any other revelatory part.

  3. The Grail is still safe as houses and lies somewhere undiscovered.

  4. What was 4...? oh yes... my specific friend is probably piped in too and, I am guessing, always has been.  That's fine, because he is my 'friend'.. Looked a little like John Le Carre in Smiley's people when we met... umbrella held low at the brow, hat, long coat.. that marvelous masked facade.. but yes, we are long term friends, so I fear not.  Hey, I held the measuring tape all those years ago.. Roslyn Chapel.. etc.

  5. Blood will out.  The genes do the talking.  My specific friend's 2 1/8th Russki daughters are obsessed with the Motherland and have thus spent much time there, learned the language to perfection and unfortunately made Blue Peter pairings and brought a virus back with them in the form of husbands and lovers. But that's ok too.  Goes with the territory.  My heart now is set on heading east.  Like I said to another friend yesterday: "I'm prepping for Siberia.  Wearing my 'Drink Til YouWant Me' t-shirt and working out the Russian for, 'I don't really like it in my a*s, but I'll let you do it just this once.'  I may bring back a virus.. seems everybody does, but so be it.

  6. Nobody from Langley was present, so I can't say if they understood the significance of cup and ring marks on Pictish Stones in Angus.

  7. I'm tired of all of this now.  Can't wait for the next Ice Age or the asteroid to hit!

I guess, in truth.. the day, yesterday, last day of November and the evening were very interesting.. if you like the Chinese curse, 'May you live in interesting times.'  It seems I do.  I can't shake off the mnemonics or the messages that come flying in from all directions. People need to keep telling me things, maybe just to check out the knee jerk.  They're all numpties and/or good soldiiers.  I love a very good soldier or sailor.. I think he was a sailor.  More Navy.. Old Navy.  I also share my life with another tortured soul, who brokered an unspeakable subject - straight out of the blue.  'Don't sign the Official Secrets Act!!!  They'll take away your rights.. And if you break it, you'll go to jail.'  I hadn't planned on signing it.  I'm just a singer after all.. a singer, a songwriter... sometimes I work on the odd screenplay.. and I can keep a house tidy.. but really.. none of those job descriptions require signing the OSA.  But it reminds me of a poem I wrote a long time ago.. with a line donated by my brother:  'Como mierda de moscas en las pestanas de un Oso Polar.'  Could be an OSA Polar on this occasion.. still nothing but fly shit in your eyelashes.  That line donated by my brother was the result of his reading a poem left by a love-struck bullfighter to the 17-year old me, in Colombia.  My brother re-wrote the poem and made it a love=song to a Polar Bear.  Just an irritation... maybe a nuisance.. maybe wiped away with one great swiping paw.. perhaps ignored as we amble on through the snowy wastes.  Gee.... a good day and night of nonsense makes me wax lyrical.

19 November 2012 - Here in Salem

The witch trials have calmed down, but the smell of smoke still hangs lurid in the breeze.  Who knows what will happen next!  I had a communication with the wee gnome and he concurred with what we know about this town:  ""There is a shadowy group, so deep in the recesses of this town, they are rarely spoken of.   People that do, are suspected of being delusional, and so few do, anything they say falling on stoney ground, and leaving them more isolated than before. Nevertheless, they exist, my father for a while was their plaything, until they tired of him, and I was swatted as a minor annoyance, after crossing one of them.

On the principal of as below, so above, their influence extends outwith this pint-pot town. One has to be careful in dealings with the Council. But fear not, their greatest power, is that in the shadows and not in the light.""

10 November 2012 - Witch Trials Aside.. the crux of another matter tickles me:

NOTES: Thinking of Spector 360 and associated softwares.. and I’ve had this discussion before. We think we LIVE in a democracy, yet we work for dictators.. people whose businesses are run on the old hierarchical feudal system - a top dog or a ‘Board‘ of dogs at the top. Incredible really and such a conundrum. Possibly the root of our conflicts in our lives. We want the right to vote and are desperate to preserve our personal freedoms, yet every day check our personal freedoms at our employer’s door.

5 November 2012 - Here in Salem

The witch trials carried on apace, then the last day or two or three.. all was quiet on the West End Front!  Just a lull in the fighting.  I may end up like those Russian soldiers who had no ammunition left and so shouted their poetry at the enemy.  One must always have a Russian poet in their soul.

Other folk have grabbed a mention and places too!  Foundantler.. that Terminal 5 of the groovy 'new world eco-order' seems to be a hot-bed of mercenary skills.  Reminds me again of the day the american girl showed up in our house.. fresh from the north and time spent with the fasting Liver-Cleanse King.  She asked lots of questions for the hour she was here, and then I drove her up to her Salem Central hotel. As I was driving round the Place where Napoleon met his Waterloo, she pulled out a camera and snapped a photo of me, post-action saying, 'I hope you don't mind if I have a picture of you?'  I thought,ok.. you bitch.. that's fine. Take your picture and get out.  All very civil of course.  Anyway.. the beat goes on.  Since then it has come about, in scraps and snatches that JM reconnected with the LC King after being on the man with the castle's boat! back in 2009 when I was out roaming 'round Alpha Centauri. Then it comes up again, the Man with the Castle used to do defense strategy computer programming.  He'd told me he'd been traumatized in Iraq.... where was it? the patio outside The Galley.  He drifted up to speak to me.  I had no idea who he was.  It turns out he is somebody to everybody.  Everybody is connected to him in some way.. Linked in has nothing on this!  Anyway...

Re Music:  I would have hoped we could have gotten this 'SMOKE & MIRRORS' track in the can, but JM is delaying.  Now he's talking about taking the 'oik' along with us on all our creative travels.  The lad with a new camera and no skills except getting under foot.  Can't figure out what it is about JM, but he likes to sabotage his own efforts.  Nothing I can do about that.  It's been a saga of sabotage for a long long time.  You just have to turn your back on it and do what you can with what you have with where you are.. which ain't much, but POETRY!!

Re requests for music:  A request from Planet.nl for a DEAD EASY CD.  I was loathe to part with the last one, so told the guy I'd burn him another with my own loving hand should he wish.  I never checked back to read what he said in reply.  It will just become another download on another website, very much out of my control.  Of course, I could always report it to the copyright holders.  They can pursue should they wish.  The music is effectively 'pirated' anyway.

27 October 2012 - Here in Salem

They shout, 'Burn the Witch!!!!'

I shout... burn ALL the witches.. and then raze Salem to the ground, and please, salt the Earth.  Where are the New Romans in the New Roman Century when we need them?

And why do they only have a 'good' cop and a 'bad' cop.  Why is there not a 'mellow' cop, a 'thoughtful' cop, a 'lovely feel-good' cop; an 'eroti-cop'.  You catch more flies with honey, than with vinegar.  But who wants to catch FLIES???? Anyway.....

**But wouldn't it just be nice if somebody said:**


You can come

If you need it you can always ask for ADVICE.

Some people just want to know: So what am I like in bed?

20 October 2012 - Saturday - Thought for the day

Television and film are full of countless programs and stories about spying, spies, the CIA, MI5/6, all the sub-agencies and horizontal relationships - all the special branches of the tree.  This profession is infinitely glamorized.  The sad fact of the matter: Spies are substandard people who poke around in the lives of extraordinary people. They’re like A&R men (Artiste & Repertoire).  They can’t ever be gifted enough to be artists themselves; actually ALL of them are frustrated artists, so they mess around with the people who have the natural talent. Some of them, the smart ones, harness that talent, work with it and make great music… others just mess you about, having no gifts themselves. It‘s a spurious approach, a kind of jealousy with a bit of a bite. They want to use you, but often end up just f*cking you about. [[And they all sit around playing 'Call of Duty' on their X-box!]]

Just another little thought for the day - FUR is a totem - lends the preternatural animal power to the wearer.  The Bear Fur hats of the Queen's Guards... the head dresses of Hussars trimmed in wolf.  The sad and beautiful fact about the skins of wild animals, they carry a primordial value to the wearer.  Wealthy women skin and wear leopard.  Poor women don themselves in leopard prints and fake furs matched up to look like the real thing.  The sad fact, wearing fake fur, means your totem is fake.  Not much hope for the animals out there.  The people who can will nail their hides to their own standard.  That's just how the world goes.

This is a posted note regarding a new project: Memorial Tribute to a Fallen Hero

13 October 2012

Modern Russian culture - what does it mean?

I've been thinking a lot about modern Russian culture. The writers getting the attention, being launched into the limelight, their books selling in the millions, i.e. 'the Bestsellers',

Of these bestsellers, I would have to read them all to decipher political themes that are not so apparent, or simply unsurprisingly absent!!!.  The big message for the mass market.  Of course, this got me to thinking about ANY blockbuster activity... not just bestsellers, but Big Festivals, Blockbuster films... the gamut of entertainments that draw a big big audience - the 'masses', who think they're each an individual.  What is it someone said to me yesterday, "They have no idea how the old guys are pulling the strings of the young."  Just the control system and just another day at the office. Anyway,  this morning, I'm thinking of the books and writings of Zakhar Prilepin.  'Boots Full of Hot Vodka', Sin, I Love Television.. and it's the essay on Television that caught my eye.  Not his jaded, apparent journalizing of the brain numbing and brain training programs that are on each and every channel, each and every day and watched by each and every one of us.  (I think I'm asleep this morning, I'm very clumsy with this piece... Forgive me, I'll re-write it later). But the very last paragraph to the piece which was a complete departure, and for a moment gave me a glimpse into the man.

ну и так далее, сами знаете, что я тут распинаюсь. И не надо ничего запрещать. Надо, чтоб существовало пространство, куда можно уйти, оставив этот дурацкий, набитый подлостью и глупостью сундук пылиться в углу. Но такого пространства пока нет.

"You know what, I'm crucified. And do not deny anything. There must be a space where you can go away, leaving the stupid; full of their meanness and stupidity in a trunk in the corner collecting dust. But such a space, not yet."

That’s really all Prilepin has to say about everything. It’s the most important phrase.


23 September 2012 - And the beat goes on

Re Music:  I keep trying to get JM to work on this one track that was given to me as a gift.  I like what he can do with it, but he won't do it.  You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink, and the knock on effect: later, you both die in the desert.

Something interesting I found a long time ago.  Maybe not that interesting:

From Mind Control Wiki:  How To Make A Subliminal Weg Page



21 September 2012 - More 'japs' than Japan

Here in Provincialna - It’s just in ‘the zone’.  -  So.. yeah yeah yeah... publish and be damned!

Basically, the man said to me: “You’re not going to be allowed to continue as you are.’ and ‘You’re going to be moved on.’ {Gee... if I can't have a career... can I at least have a pony??) 

I had nothing to say to these two statements delivered like a casual peppering amongst other here and there chat. I should really just say, ‘Thanks for the mental gymnastics. I love a good workout.’ So who is the finger in the pie? What did I say about the Skeksies?.. They have so many fingers in so many political pies, it’s like they’ve got a geodesic dome of pies. But my instincts scream: 'Der's da PIE MAN!!!'  I know who you are.

Email to Wee-gnome: "As for going ‘out’ -  you mean, actually 'leaving the house'???? I wouldn’t chance it in this town. Now I know why I kept the doors locked and the curtains drawn for 30 months."

Yet… after all is said and done, Wee-gnome has turned out to be the biggest japaroo of all.. Surprise surprise. He was always saying, ‘they ruined my career’.. (The big grey 'THEY').  He's always said that. Always contended it, and at the same time likes being an ‘asset’. Or, as in one of their texts to me, ‘you would be a ‘great asset’…(take note, the first three letters of 'asset' are 'ass'.)   I am an asset (or an ass) to none but myself. 

Anyway, as my darling Daniel the Astor would say, 'it's so tiresome'.. Playing their stooped turgid little games. And, I get first frustrated with it and then ultimately bored with it, and just switch the game and walk off in another direction. They never quite know what’s going on then. They haven’t got the imagination to know not everyone is trapped.

But I've been thinking about Julian Assange.  I'm coming to understand how he feels. I am SO surprised they only got a coupla wimmin to try to finger him for too much ‘consensual’ sex. How lightly HE got off!!!  (he must be special) I’m surprised they didn’t catch him in a classic ‘Sarah Ferguson’… bent over a glass table with a straw up his nose, tootin’ some charles while butt-f*cked by a great big A-rabor a great big JAP!!! Cecil B Demille would be proud of their production skills, but not their repetitions.  'Tried and tested', maybe occasionally needs a little tweaking.

After all is said and done, clearly they are all GASPING for political re-education. Am I up to the task?  It’s a truly dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.


Wed 27 Feb 200 MGCK Music    "... song to the lone wolf...

LAST NIGHT: Saw 'There Will Be Blood'  - for the second time - first time with my sister weekend before last, this time with Gem.  He loved it.  I love the process the story describes.  The building of something from such complete out there 'scratch'.  Scrabbling your way up some kind of strange chain of desperate effort, fateful events, deliberation: using all of your skills to the max. i.e having the smarts to know how to make the most of every opportunity.  (I was never that smart.)  It's a story of hungry people: 'wild-catters' and the last of the independents.  Gem said two things after seeing it: 'Those were the days. You could DO things. Now everything's sewed up,"  and of the Daniel Plainview character, 'He made everything happen.'  That's it in a nutshell.


1 - 4 June 2012 - straight to you from the island besotted by idols - I scream to the skies -

!! Where's Cromwell when we need him?? !!

Cromwell Rocks



It's a failed system, so what are we going to do about it?

End of May into June 2012 - yes. Few and far between but nothing really happens in Provincialna

I figured out the CIA are upstairs. It's not the faint whiff of sulphur eaking from under the well-sealed entry door that's the dead giveaway.. it's the door itself!!  No buzzer, no knocker, no windows and only a tiny spy-hole drilled in, for looking out.  [I'm sure they're performing rendition on members of the public.]   What's worse (or simply typical) they've cloaked themselves in the guise of a regular all-american multi-national tech-share 'High-biz', currently specializing in scare tactics; 'Is your web equipped to cope with potential Cyber Attacks during the Games!!!!?????" They never tell us which 'Games' they mean. Just have a photo of a geezer standing there decked out in fencing gear; masked, kissing his sword. I'm sure they're all upstairs kissing their swords right now.  >The other dead giveaway the 'middle' floor, the one between us and them is unoccupied... has had a 'for rent' sign on it for ever.

And the last dead give-away.. we never ever ever see ANYBODY from up there in the stairwell. And the one time I did see one guy, he was carrying a worn brown brief-case and didn't smile.  Now that is deeply unamerican.

Anyhoo... here in Provincialna.. the sun shone for a day or two and
everybody went mad. Normalno, nyet? I would like it to come out a
little more regularly than that before I go mad.
There is nothing else to tell.. oh yes, wait.. there was some MUSIC in
my life. Actually, we had a coupla nights of Jammin' w' Rick last week.
Very good. I am genuinely surprised. The guy is growing in leaps and
bounds.. and JM pulled out the stops on a great vocal addition to a new
backing track. In all the 'Baltic' series is rockin' right along. As I
said, I am genuinely surprised and almost inspired. I actually lay down
a vocal that won't win any awards but was a nice addition to the piece.
If I can just drum up the sincerity and necessary passion to perform it
with some conviction, it will be an asset to the piece and we can all
start mixing down happily.


Saturday the 19th - I feel a social commentary coming on.

"When did mediocrity and banality become a good thing?"  (Wild) Bill Hicks,

"Made In Chelsea' is like 'The Only Way Is Essex' with posh BBC voiceovers.  They look alike. They dress alike.  They grunt 'yeah...' or 'yah' the same.  They got nothing to say and nothing that needs to be heard.  I must unplug my television.  The diaspora of shit flying out of it into my brain is torrential and addctive. 

Bring me Kurosawa!

Notes from 2004 - 31 Oct 2004 Sun MGCK Music     Another sunny delta dawn....sunset.gif (23406 bytes)

Tell me a story....... Last night 'veered off' the rock n roll superhighway (if that thoroughfare passes through these parts!).. took a little detour into the land of ..uh.. STORYTELLING!  Wandering around Provincialna lost, looking for a gig I 'thought' was on (discover it's NOVEMBER 30th - that's NEXT month) anyway.. I said to JM and JT.. "'let's go to the Wanderlust Bar.. maybe something suitably wacky is on upstairs.'"  [I couldn't have been more on the money if I'd stood on a dime.]  I asked the bar maid this evenings ''particular' fare.  Her reply with a twinkling eye: "Storytelling".  SO we ventured upstairs and into the wonderfully wacky world of the Provincialna Storytelling Festival's penultimate night.  The biggest surprise of the event: it was PACKED.  Standing room only.  A LOT of people are into storytelling in a BIG way.  The other surprise was the discovery of a rather gorgeous man in his later years.  My initial reaction, indeed, age does not diminish true beauty.  I could spend time with him.. sex or no sex.  Handholding and gazing into his eyes and listening to his stories could suffice. Notes on the subject to my dear friend Fifi J to follow.

Art Quote of the Day
"A story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end... but not necessarily in that order."
Jean-Luc Godard

5 May 2012 - and they're EVERYWHERE!!!

Big Brother is Watching You

(and look at the kipper on him!!)

Last night, in  a tiny tavern in the little queendom of Provincialna, I made the 'acquaintance' of a character... well, loosely translated: she sat across from me. 

She'd been brought to our table by the Cyclops, who introduced her: "This is my best female friend 'Anis'. I've known her for years."  Hmmmmmm... I had thought his best and longest standing and dearest female friend was the chanteuse 'Ditto'.  Anyway, first antenna raising matter of the preamble: 'Anis' was 'straight'.  I'm not talking about non-gender-blending 'straight'.  I'm talking about 'straight as in 'no fun, no drugs, no sex, no rock n roll'.  John Knox 'straight'.  For me she's already a non-person.  Anyway, this non-person, this 'Anis', went on to distinguish herself with absolutely nothing other than her travels (I presume) with her husband's career (I mean, she never said what either he or she do or did) and life lived abroad with him and her children, though really, as I think about it, she never actually mentioned her husband once.  She did go into a weird little blurb about the sanctity of marriage to the unmarried couple to my left... but ya know... that just curled my toes. Maybe theirs too.  She also had the most piercing profiling eyes.  That would be a nice attribute in, maybe, a preying mantis.

Meanwhile... This 'life lived abroad' began after her first 36 years lived in Provincialna  (where she was bred and born - no surprises there).  The journeys that followed with her or her husband's 'work' kind of went in this order: Azerbaijhan (I didnt' ask why, but I assumed.. ok, maybe... 'oil') then Istanbul.. and I thought... OK... maybe... 'oil'?  then Washington DC..!! (when sirens went off and flashing lights encircled our table) and I thought.. uhm.. oh, Ok.. there's no oil in Washington.  If you go to Washington to 'work', you are either part of the 'diplomatic corps' or 'other' services.. which means.. in DC you're not drilling for crude.. just drilling for information.  So suddenly, I could place this person in the map of things... and then we got to her final current location, 'Egypt'.  Actually, that was how she was introduced by the Cyclops: "This is my friend Anis and she lives in Egypt." 

At first I thought "Marvellous.  An Egyptian or part Egyptian or french or something other, interesting and new.. something different to bring to our little group."  Apart from that, I was absolutely delighted to meet someone who could tell me all about Cairo as it's one of my fantasy 'day-trip' spots on planet Earth.  Yet.... with all this anticipation, and there she is living in the throbbing crossroads of both ancient extraordinary history and current revolutionary values...well, as her very small and completely untold story unfolded, it was as if the 'March Revolution' and the overthrowing of the western puppet Mubarak, was nothing more than an importunate inconvenience!!  It was kinda like, 'Oh poo... we had to leave our home for 6 weeks and it meant my son was out of school for 6 weeks."  ? ? ... ? Huh??  And after all that terribly inconvenient 'drama' they got to go back and carry on with whatever shit they'd been up to in the first place. 

When a very young, lovely and impressionable girl sitting next to me on my left (part of our entourage) mentioned she had wanted to study Egyptology and asked this 'Anus' creature (sorry that slip again - Anis) about 'Egyptian culture', the unblinking-eyed 'Anis' answer that came back was 'oh.. Egypt.. oh yes... fascinating.. really interesting."  and that was all.  After 5 years in Cairo. That was it.

Anyway... I can usually smell or remote-view a jap at 500 paces so, I thought ok.. let her do her thing.  When my partner (seated to my right) mentioned the recent Egyptian revolution, she leaned across the table with REAL INTEREST burning in her unblinking eyes and asked him ,'And how did you feel about that?'  Like some kind of child-psychiatrist in some abuse centre, trying to determine the mental health of a patient or a baby based on how they felt about a revolution.  As with most psychiatrists, she never told us how she felt about anything.  When she finally got the chance to zero in on me, oh yes, the big mystery of ME, it became a soul and life-scouring search by her straight into my past (not a single question about my present and why I find myself living here now in Provincialna) and straight to my grandparents: When and where they were born and how long I'd been here or there.   When she found out I'd spent 2 years living on the border the question flipped emphatically to "and what did you do there?' As with psychiatrists and interrogators, she never ever EVER mentioned what she had done at any time anywhere, or even what she was doing here 'now' coming all the way from Egypt.. apart from some excuse of looking for a house to buy so her kids could have a home... they feel homeless you know.  Perhaps I got her 'wrong' in some sense, but my hair was starting to stand on end with her unwavering piercing gaze and her questions.  I also did not see her take a sip of alcohol.. or did she?  So much about her was invisible.

Anyway... I'm bored to death with 'them'.. they're everywhere: going through your sock drawers, reading your personal messages, trying to read your mind, listening in on your cellphone calls to your lovers, dealers and other friends... yes... the big 'them' out there, who want to keep the system impervious to change.. keep it as rotten to the core and outwardly strong as they can.

I won't be speaking to her again.  Shame the tavern was so loud, or I could have told her a thing or two.  What I can't figure out is why the Cyclops brought her to our little private club.  And how is it the dead rock star 'knew' her?  She had not a jot of a thing in common with anyone in the place. She was utterly purposeful in her 'common purpose'...  Again... like a bad smell, they're everywhere.


as we approach EASTER 2012 - Easter was always my favourite holiday.

I had a lapsed Catholic-somewhat-Mystic mother.  (Her true religion was Fashion and her Cathedral the House of Chanel, but that's another story.) She never practiced orthodoxies, yet she loved all the pomp and ceremony and would read me stories from the Bible around the Good Friday to Resurrection Sunday period... I mean, I never knew what they meant, they were just very colourful.  And it was the one weekend of the year that my mother actually spent any time with me.  The rest of the year belonged to my passion for my father - quite understandable considering what he was like, who he was, what he did and how he conducted himself - impeccably and with the most incredible genuine ethic towards life. So 'Easter' was her 'me' time with me.

And, I'm watching the videos my dead sister (yup.. she's gone 4 years now) created around two tracks, 'Save You' and 'Crawl'.  She shot several versions of the videos (yes, I mean tape). It's almost 'searing' to listen to my songs from 10 years ago and know they were pretty fucking dark and yet pretty fucking good. - Calling David Lynch.  He would LOVE this and it's funny, but when I wrote them I'd seen only one David Lynch film.. Blue Velvet.  In the last year or so I've made a point of watching them all, and realised, my music is almost more 'David Lynch' than DAVID's!! -

Anyway, Where do 10 years go?  They go lots of places when you are confused by other people's needs and trying to locate your own place in the universe without the aid of GPS.  Also death and loss and sadness claim a pretty big chunk of time.

Even quietly sitting here, I find distraction is the great enemy.  I want to 'connect' with the past, 'find' the future and 'make the most' of the moment.  Yet, there are dozens if not thousands of distractions on a momentary-daily basis.  Caught up somewhere between the internet, the threat of the cellphone's ring, the absence yet certain return of partners and other people sharing one's life.. and the urge to 'go to the gym', exercise, cycle, do yoga.... 'study'.. all forms of 'self-improvement' that suck us dry.  They're supposed to be shaping us into better people so we may make the 'most' of our future, but the expense of self-improvement is the moment.  You lose the 'now'.

Currently, I'm nursing an injury, a hamstring that's torn, ripped, maybe even 'popped'.  The great gift of this injury?  I can't just get up and head out of the house at a moment's notice, or an empty urge or even run to answer the phone.  I have to be 'Spokoina' as the Russians would say... calm and quiet.  It leads one on a more internal journey.. and oh yes, but isn't it good.  Isn't it good to 'stop' whatever you're doing routinely and machine-like.  To just STOP.  I've had three beautiful days since my partner and his friend drove off to the west coast to 'shoot locations' for a screenplay idea.  Oh yes, always art.  Always movies or music or just plain donkey work taking us here and there.  Well, I've stayed home 'here' and not gone 'there' and had the most peaceful enriching few days.  If only all of life could be like this.

On another note: This Man kissed me once!!! When I was 14 years old, in the darkroom at Hackley School! (yes I went to expensive prep-for-Ivy-League schools.  Two of them to be precise and got thrown out of both!!)  Anyway... back to the kisser who I internet searched out of the blue, after all these years, and found commenting in the Village Voice on Election fever. Date unknown.

What's your favorite scandal of all time? This election.

image Christian Czyz
Resides Manhattan
Occupation Medical consultant

How fascinated are you by celebrity screwups?
Like everyone else, I read the paper and watch TV. The news is based on one of five or six things: tragedy, obesity, marital disharmony, some guy frozen in ice in Times Square, and a couple of other conditions.

What was the hardest habit you ever tried to kick?
I tried everything once, but I never became addicted.

What's your favorite scandal of all time?
It would be a tie between what's going on right now in the presidential election, which represents all kinds of Mayan-Calendar end of the world shit, and Clinton's lying to the grand jury about Monica Lewinsky.

Ok, so much for Monsieur Czyz.. I remember talking to him on the phone. as I lay on my parents bed upstairs in the house in Westchester.  (Those were the days).  I liked him alot.  He was a most memorable fellow from my brief prep-school sojourn. Anyway....

- Current (and not so current) affairs... on no.. not that again

How about 'Neuro Economics"?  Yes, that's what I said, the study of Neuro Economics at Harvard Business School. Now we're talking 'scary'.  And that's even OLD news.  This article is from 2007.  How far behind do we lag before we find out, and by the time you scratch your head and wonder what to do about it, they've ratcheted it up a whole 'nother notch that you haven't even heard about yet!  http://www.hss.caltech.edu/~camerer/web_material/n.html  and http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/5599.html

(in a kind of shorthand... neuro-economics is the study of the human brain's relationship to 'trust'.   What you will 'invest' relates to how much you trust what you are investing in.  To enhance and exploit that 'trust' they need to develop new economic models, and learn how to 'stimulate' trust as a response to a suggestion. Marvelous people aren't they.

And, since the theme seems to be 'Academentia' (I coined that phrase)  here's another article from Gawker.  The Academentians arguing about which university degrees are most 'real' and 'respected':   "The whole field of philosophy is currently engaged in a self-referential argument over whether or not it is a "science," entirely because philosophers believe that being a "science" would get them more respect."  Considering the planet is burning it's incredible what people get all het up about.

All Academic Fields of Study, Ranked by Realness  - www.gawker.com -

Ahhhhhh, the hushed, hallowed halls of Academentia, I guess, my favorite NON-degrees are marketing and media.  Thru a TV-camera lens darkly.  Selling sad sh*t to empty-souled consumers.  (of which I may be one... I still BUY sad shit.) But on marketing, I can only recommend Bill Hicks... he's the expert on Marketing and those who worship it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDW_Hj2K0wo&feature=share


What next: SCIENCE - hmmm...the flat acceptance of 'science' (even though much, if not most of it is 'theory') as vital and most 'real', and after that 'economics'? So often 'trend' driven, i.e. teaching new modules for hedging derivatives at Harvard Biz School, or new ways of 'masking' the hedging of derivatives, etc.. And I suppose, foreign language would reward you for studying 'Mandarin', and current 'Sociology' and more 'Economics' would be awarding you a BIG GOLDEN EGG degree in understanding CHINA as the new success story/capitalist paradigm and the American Dream as a failed social experiment. Anyway.. what do I know.. I left school when I was 15.  Bye Bye Christian Czyz!

Here's what I know: Education is a failed system. When you have every guy in every boardroom around the planet w/ degrees + letters after their names from every major educational institution on the planet, yet these very same 'educated' guys are destroying the very same planet we're all standing on (fracking, f*cking, raping, rumping, shaling, shaking, shaving every rock and tree off it's surface and tearing the guts out of its soul), so yeah, these are the 'very well educated' elitists (and we are so often told that they are simply GREAT). Anyway, I rest my case: Clearly, EDUCATION IS (emphatically clearly) A FAILED part of a FAILED SYSTEM.

**WHATEVER HAPPENED TO: the 'liberal arts' degree..? 


 This is an old story... decades old... but somehow it's news to some people. Considering, the Chinese are first at everything... what a fantastic business model!! I'm sure there are plenty of Republicans in the US who would agree that we should start harvesting 'protesters' organs as soon as (or even BEFORE!!) they hit our city streets with their posters and desire to change the world! But what I'd really like to see is someone harvesting Dick Cheney's new HEART! Or a poster reading, 'Give Dick Cheney's Heart Back to the Chinese Political Prisoner it was Taken from!! in short, "FREE DICK CHENEY's HEART!!!!"" Imagine any part of your body being trapped inside his body...

China Will Stop Harvesting Prisoners' Dirty Organs

The official reason is the organs come from prisoners who have been held in such lousy conditions, their organs are fucked up.  Who wants a lousy kidney from a human-rights fighter???

You gotta love China. 

The chinese have been raking nasty organs out of political prisoners for DECADES.  Thankfully now, they will either start to feed their political prisoners better, or start using harvested organs from the disabled and elderly.  So rather then dragging our feet, let's pick up on these ideas soon. . We so clearly aspire to the Chinese business models: reduced minimum wage, increased hours worked per day/week/year... reduced pensions.... reduced employment protections... reduced expectations....reduced water and air quality,  reduced health care... reduced care of everything else in general.... increased wealth of the worlds multi-nationals taking advantage of the new Chinese business model being exported everywhere... it's a win win situation... and free BODY PARTS!!!

Why is it legal for western 'democracies' and corporations (who are clearly NOT democracies, but certainly are western) to do business with a country that has no human rights and no employment protections for workers who are making all the 'goods' (or 'bads') we are buying?


Found this and thought it sounded kind of interesting, Google and the Pentagon hand in hand: http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2012/03/pentagon-google/#more-75640

14 March 2012 - Wednesday - MGCK Music        - I suppose I could be more positive and note the things I actually 'liked' about recent experiences.  Kind of the way I did in a retrospective 'This is what I loved about Tucson 2009 - 2010".  So... this is what I've loved lately... not as much really, but something.

My foxes:  Gone but not forgotten - wild life is so strange and so beautiful and they move to a different internal drum. One year they're sitting outside your window begging for attention and the next they're sitting outside someone else's and hardly ever come to call,  Fickle foxes - Redboy and his daughter Honey, son and grand-daughter of JM's beloved 'Fella'.  Could also be the 'building' going on behind us has totally freaked them out and sent them to scurrying for cover in other places.  People disrupt the natural flow of everything.

Redboy and Honey

Musically, what have I liked?  Have to say the track that keeps running through my head the last few weeks - KORN's 'Thoughtless'.  So, nothing new there and nothing from the 'now'.  Was in the gym listening to a track on the radio that goes round and round and round and I never really paid attention to it, then the DJ said, 'J-Lo' and I thought, "oh shit.. I actually like Jennifer Lopez these days..." and I listened to the track and it took me back to nights in 'Perl' in Tucson, with the 'MM' dudes at their tables littered with cliche's (Crystȧl and crystal). And yes, that's the kind of music that went round and round all night long at a club like that.  "dance all night' "get yer ass on the dance floor' 'have another line and dance yer ass off', etc etc etc.

10 March 2012  - Saturday-  MGCK Music        - Many realisations come too late

I want to grow up to be a loveable rogue, but it may be too late.  It's weeks already into yet another year.  Time is speeding up and I have nothing to say.  What was the horoscope I wrote for a friend a few days ago?:  "As a Leo, you know that much of 'modern' human endeavour is absurd and not only absurd, but deeply disturbing.  The words of Rousseau's 'Social Contract' drift back to you: "Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains."   Yup.. that's about the size of it.

23 February 2012: Rest in Peace Fritz Van Helsing.

18 February 2012 - Saturday:  I haven't had any political thoughts in my head in a while now. I've lost the desire to argue about everything, until this morning. I got a 'call' from some poor guy in some distant part of the planet, asking me if I would like to answer some questions about my 'consuming habits'.  I told him I bought nothing, therefore had no consuming habits. He asked "why you buy nothing?" I told him "Cuz everything is made by slaves in China." He got upset and said, 'Mind your language!! Do you think I am calling you from China???"  I told him "I'm not using bad language. I'm just telling you the truth."  And so, yes, it is, the truth I mean. The planet is a 'global village' of Corporate privilege with sweat-shacks and labour camps called factories dotted in every desperate corner. There are no employee regulations or protections and we, the big privileged 'WE' over here in the 'west', who complain about our lives but prefer to buy cheap sh*t made by slaves, are as totally culpable in the destruction of every democratic belief we claim to hold dear. The pursuit of freedom and happiness and equality for all men and all the other yadas we say we believe in more than we believe in 'God'.  But this explanation just confused him further. He still didn't get it, and kept telling me I was saying 'bad' things. I tried to explain to him further in a more calm and direct tack like 'You know, there is no protection for the job you're doing.  They make you do it, or you get fired and live on nothing.  You get paid whatever they want to pay you."  He was silent for a while then thoughtfully replied, 'Why don't you get a degree in journalism and write all these things for other people to read.' I told him I tried to be as political as possible on a daily basis, and my first task was to attempt to raise his own political consciousness, so he would realise that he too was in a trap and had no protection and he had to think very carefully about his own future. He seemed to leave our call a more pensive man, so after all is said and done, perhaps I touched one person today and made them 'think' a little bit more than he would have otherwise, about the 'way things are'. Of course, might have just depressed him.

Rest in Peace Jim Lusted.  Yes... he's gone. 5 January 2012

Last year, I felt like I'd taken a wrong turn and been eaten by monsters. This year is just as faceless, but not quite as pointless.  Not yet anyway. Let's give it another month or two.

Thoughts that have occurred to me since January 1st:

DARPA, Disney, iPhones-made-by-slaves, surveillance/tracking, mind-control, mind-mapping, the drip-down sludge from the Technocrats... I'll stick with the purity of Derek Bailey. derek bailey derek bailey playing the guitar 1983


They're looking after you and me.... to prevent 'strategic surprises'.  www.darpa.mil

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was established in 1958 to prevent strategic surprise from negatively impacting U.S. national security and create strategic surprise for U.S. adversaries by maintaining the technological superiority of the U.S. military.

and my favourite:

So you can feel really REALLY safe... .. (even my ellipsis is disgusted)

Homeland Security Wants to Spy on 4 Square Miles at Once


It's not just for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars anymore. The Department of Homeland Security is interested in a camera package that can peek...

Who have I met so far this year? A porridge eating pensions advisor. An ex Moscow-desk 'observer' and a handsome young man with gorgeous muscles and a bad back.  Who else? hmmm.... don't know... some of the same people I met last year. And I'm very fond of one or two of them.  There seem to be few 'new' people in my life.  It's much the same same same old and young faces as I've seen for the last year or two.  Nobody completely 'new' has crossed my line of sight.  Oh well.. there's still time.  Love and kisses, as always, Delta Dawn

Re Bloggerhea: In times of Martial Law, opinion is the first thing that will be outlawed, so the most important thing to voice is your opinion.

you're looking for the LAST 6 MONTH's stuff - go to: Jul- Oct 2010 - Still smokin'!!!! 


  BE THERE...... or BE SOMEWHERE ELSE!  If you don't know how.. take lessons


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