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Welcome to JANVAR 2006** and we're still on the road to:

New Year's Resolutions: To STOP TRYING TO CONVERT DUMB ANIMALS, NARROW-MINDED DOGMATISTS, BAD LISTENERS (and other unenlightened beings) to my cause.

but before I go.. this story in the LA times on 9 Jan 06 almost killed me: 

Polar Bears Face New Toxic Threat: Flame Retardants - By Marla Cone, Times Staff Writer 

Already imperilled by melting ice and a brew of toxic chemicals, polar bears throughout the Arctic, particularly in remote dens near the North Pole, face an additional threat as flame retardants originating largely in the United States are building up in their bodies, according to an international team of wildlife scientists.  

Time to Save the World?polarbearcub.jpg (27763 bytes)   You Bet It IS!

A moment's silence for GIG on Lothian Road, Edinburgh which has now closed.

FATTEST CITIES IN BRITAIN: how do you stack up?

The final results of the survey were (last years results in brackets):
1 (4) Bradford
2 (3) Liverpool
3 (1) Manchester
4 (2) Newcastle
5 (5) Glasgow
6 (14) Birmingham
7 (8) Wolverhampton
8 (9) Stoke-on-Trent
10 (12=) Leeds
11 (10) Edinburgh
12 (7) Swansea
13 (16) Coventry
14 (18) Leicester
15 (11) Plymouth
16 (20) Belfast
17 (19) Derby
18 (16=) Nottingham
19 (21) Cardiff
20 (15) Bristol
21 (22) London
22 (12=) Southampton

Saturday 28 Jan 06 MGCK Music  'Intelligent Design'....?

Becoming seduced by the argument for Intelligent Design as opposed to Darwinism, which I could never really get behind.  I mean.. there are 16 species of Hyena and one of them eats only watermelons.. how is that Darwinian?   Anyway.. I'm interested in it until I find it's funded and pushed by the Fundamental Christian Right Wing neo-Zionistic Baptist Americanos.  Then it stops being an interesting idea and scares the sh*t out of me.  

In what we call the real world.. sorry Pete Burns didn't win Big Brother.  He was more interesting, funny, witty, inventive and 'smart' than all of them put together, though Gorgeous George gave hours of fun and I love Dennis Rodman.. something about that body.. and Traci.  Shame about Maggot living up to his name.  Thank f*ck I've never ever 'heard' a track of theirs.

ALTRES, WILDHOUSE, ???BOX, (no ELECTRA..she cancelled at last minute) @ The Post Office, Broughty Ferry, 2 mins from Dundee side Tay Bridge 22 Jan 06 9 pm

Sunday 22 Jan 06 MGCK Music  The Sundance Film Festival... (indie & controversial)

is in Full Shmoozing Shwing! at Park City Utah.  If you've never been to Park City, I recommend it.  If you're involved in film, you'd love it.  If you like to party and don't give a hoot about film.. you'd love it too.  If you want to gatecrash a party this week at Sundance.. this one sounds like a good'un and how could anyone NOT love Robert Redford.. fighting the good fight against the Republican Right Wing:

""You are invited to join Shootingpeople and Rooftop Films this Sunday the 22nd, at Sundance, for a gathering of fellow filmmakers.

Where: 8022 Woodland Hill Drive #125
When: Sun. January 22, 8 until midnight.

For your enjoyment there will be chocolates, tarot card readers, a dj, complementary caipirinhas while supplies last, and a hot tub. (Some drinks provided, but please bring a bottle so we don't run out).

Directions and further details.....

Jesse, Ingrid and Trish

We would like to thank all of our party sponsors including:

Cachaca Fazenda Mae de Ouro, http://www.caipirinha.us, Special thanks to SP member Lisamarie Costabile for helping coordinate the event: http://resumes.actorsaccess.com/lisamarie http://www.mandy.com/home.cfm?c=cos045, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1406300/ ,Sumptuous custom made collection of "pure passion chocolate" provided by: www.spoonmantics.com and www.choclamours.com, Tarot Card Readers: Papillon, http://www.tribalecho.com, Mr. George GrgGwoods@aol.com, DJ Froburn, Radio City Booking, 801-635-8362, Additional Music: Mark Larson-Filmmaker & Actor, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1405363, DJ Yamin, http://www.djyamin.com, Friends helping out: McKae Dietrich-Actress, http://www.mckaedietrich.com/
Ashley Lewis-Director ""

Friday the 20th Jan 06 MGCK Music  "It's been a week...

And what a week it's been.. battles won and lost.. British 'Big Brother' stealing the airwaves; maxxing the attention spans of millions.. more soldiers die in Iraq and 'Desperate Housewives' launches a new season on E4... and that's just SOME of the telly fun.  Out or 'in' the 'real' , the life of the battery hen... glued to one spot watching the world through the bars of jobs and relationships... the temperature of the southern oceans raise by a degree and the krill are dying, tolling the death knell for unnumbered species.

So, how's your bank account?.. just enough to keep your life from being sad.... Just imagine a world without beautiful living things...     It's heading that way.

And you wonder.. why am I not talking about any local 'bands'?????  Cuz they're f*ckin' BORRRRRRINGGGG!!!!! At least Albert Hoffman was 'somebody'!

Friday the 13th Jan 06 MGCK Music  "Strange Days..."

LUNAR NOTES from Jonathan Cainer: ""Your diary will tell you that the Full Moon is tomorrow. The Moon, though, is at its most powerful tonight. This has a direct impact on your new year resolution. By making it under the first new moon of a new year, you inadvertently 'captured' the lunar energy in the horoscope of that promise. As the moon waxes and wanes through 2006, so too will your determination. But it will all get easier in time. Meanwhile, stick at it and don't worry about the fact that it's Friday 13th. Despite the date, nothing HAS to go wrong.""

Really... are they speaking in the future tense.  What if it's already GONE WRONG this morning??? So.. the shit's already hit the fan and I can relax for the rest of the day??

One piece of GOOD NEWSAlbert Hoffman, the creator of one of the most miraculous substances of the 20th Century and, if you believe Graham Hancock's book 'Supernature', a participant in our next evolution, had his 100th birthday this week! Without him, who knows what our world would be like.  Pretty straight up and down.




BE THERE...... or BE SOMEWHERE ELSE!  If you don't know how.. take lessons on COUNTERCULTURE.


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SPACE: The FINAL FRONTIER! Always an eyeful: The Universe Today

Sites worth a visit and support are: http://www.adbusters.org and Be an 'Antipreneur' - anti-corporate - self-motivated activist: http://adbusters.org/metas/politico/antipreneur/



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