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'The Spirit of The Age'  - APRIL  2006 - Celebration of Psychaedelia

26-30 April: The TRIPTYCH Festival hits Glasgow, Edinburgh & Aberdeen, with nose-melting, bleeding-edged artful ultra-modern musical expressionism. 

29 April 06 Sat MGCK Music  ..'A mixed bag....'

Took a drive across the Forth and ended up somewhere beautiful.. You know how the rest of that tune goes... These are the days of summer starting.. and the hills are simply CALLLLLLLLLLING!!!!!   Must admit..  missed BLACK MEDICINE..  But I've seen them before.. so KNOW it was GROOVY as F*ck.  

Sat 29 April: BLACK MEDICINE @ Henry's Cellar Bar

28 April 06 Fri MGCK Music  ..'The Emperor's new clothes, I presume..'

MOGWAI.. should be MOGADON.  Or MASTODONby something about the music.. lumbering doggedly (or elephantly) along with an apparent sense of purpose, but no finesse.  Those three note introsby Ding Dong DUNG!!!! Ding Dong DUNG!!!! And everyone cheers, recognising yet another slab of shapeless dirgeby Great music for the stoned coal-face.  If you were down in the pit.. it would probably LIFT your spirits to listen to Mogwaiby Couldnby t quite figure it out.. especially as their chubby balding by men at workby look gives them that by on tea breakby from a plumbing job appearance.  They could be packing up and fixing the toilets at Usher Hall for all I know.  And yeah.. Major COMPLAINT!  Usher Hall IS a toilet... a very stately one, but still... by 6 for a pint of bottled Stella!  


Anywayby Perhaps what the audience loves is that Mogwai donby t seem to give a monkeys!  But .. oh they do.. they do.. they do very very muchby .Granya (sp) and co.  Enuff said.. and I missed the 10pm replay of Eastenders on BBC3..


No Starvation Box (read previous review) and DEFINITELY no trip to the Venue to catch the mogwai afterparty DJ set..  canby t imagine what they listen to.  It wonby t be Cannibal Corpse or.. uh.. CRUE! 

Spoiled for Choice??? Thurs 27 April: The GOuLaG @Ego with The Addicts and Starvation Box 10:30pm & @ The Venue - MOGWAI After Party DJ Set 11pm - 3am.

27 April 06 Thurs MGCK Music  ..'F*ck Jocelyn Pook.. and Ditto... and DIDO!'

After the weekend... I kinda casually said to a friend, "you know.. I think.. All the scenes are dead." Last Night @ The Filmhouse: "METAL: A HEADBANGER'S JOURNEY' proved me wrong and took us homeBrilliant film from Canadian 'to the death' (is there any other kind?) metal fan Sam Dunn, who also managed to get a degree in Anthropology when he wasn't plugged in to SLAYER.  Funny, insightful interviews with all the usual suspects (Ronnie James Dio was hysterically funny, on the money and still has the voice to launch a thousand trips) and some unusual ones.. i.e. Rob Zombie... Even Malcolm Dome (who I haven't seen in a while!) showed up and so many other people I've met in my travels.. a WHOLE LOTTA LEMMY.. and f*ck Yeah!! THE MUSIC!!! He traces the multi-branched metal tree back to a particularly heavy 60's psychaedelic band in sunny Cal called BLUE CHEER and of course Mick Mars and Steppenwolf's seminal 'BORN TO BE WILD' (on the unforgettable 'Easy Rider' soundtrack) which introduced the now carved in stone '...heavy metal thunder..'.  Just so happens 'Born To Be Wild' is my favourite single of all time and I AM the proud owner of a BLUE CHEER album with the killer track 'PILOT' on it.. Favourite quote from Norwegian black-metallers 'Mayhem': "We never bargain with ourselves.  If they don't like it, FUCK THEM!"   if you ever get the chance.. hear it/ see it... BE it @  www.metalhistory.com

PS - the beauty of The Filmhouse and the Cameo (aside from the superb films on offer).. you can take your pint in with you.

Wed 26 April @ The Filmhouse: Tryptych presents: METAL: A HEADBANGER'S JOURNEY - a definite MUST SEE for me!

23 April 06 Sun MGCK Music  ..'Wanna Chill???

Last night Dot Allison at Cabaret Voltaire accompanied by Kenny Brady and two other guitarists (one from DEATH IN VEGAS - whose names escape me.. forgive the onset of Alzheimers).  A groovy, soulful, fragile and seductive set of Dot's newer songs highlighted at the end by an acoustic version of the first ONE DOVE hit.

Dot Allison @ Cabaret Voltaire Saturday 22 April 2006

22 April 06 Sat MGCK Music  ..'Wanna Dance???  

Why Yes and last night we did @ Sleazy Cheesy, Studio 24We rode de-Range to Bareback Mountain, rode the bucking bronc-ing bull, (fell off twice.. first time within seconds) and watched a heck of a lotta Can-Can girls and other burlesquey types entertain us (that was just the guests).  While we warmed up for cattle-roping madness, and several young dudes strapped on their spurs, DJ Hope Eternal did a rousing rendition of 'STAND BY YOUR MAN' with a Greek Chorus of many voices (Electra included) and Cuntry Western Kings, The Mending Hearts came on and played loadsa Johnny Cash.. but nothing beats my favourite DJ pick:  Nancy Sinatra's 'These Boots Are Made For Walking'...  Danced 'jive' all night with an old guy (I mean an ELDERLY gentlemen..he remembered dancing in the First World War!) no matter what the music.  SO.. yeah... enhancements always help.  Don't leave home without them.

 Mid-Month, psych-rock ALTRES once again storm the Mills Observatory in Dundee under a FULL MOON (Thurs 13 April 06), with special guest Vocalist ELECTRA... an ode to the Spring Equinox - be there or be square.

18 April 06 Wed MGCK Music  ..'live takes...

The live version of 'Misappearance' recorded at the Mills Observatory is available at the ALTRES My Space site: www.myspace.com/altres  Electra's ethereal vocals are tentative and shy.  Apparently she hadn't heard the track before and just joined in when Brian turned on the mic.

14 April 06 Fri MGCK Music  ..'and we WERE there....

Some things just make you feel good,  Very good.  Last night at the top of Balgay Hill in Dundee.. with the sun gloriously setting in the west and the moon rising in the east, ALTRES played a set worthy of those celestial bodies.  The incredible natural beauty of the place combined with the joy of the music and the appreciation of the crowd scattered below the observatory terrace - these nights can't be bought for silver or gold or clever negotiation.  ELECTRA's vocals ethereally caressing 'the Bell Song';  drifting effortlessly in and out through other spacious tracks.  The perfect mix of mind, matter, moon and music.  The one 'down-ish' moment: a guy all 'geared' up, shaking, chewing gum talking a mile a minute, came up to 'meet the singer', to tell her how great the gig had been, how he loved her vocals... how groovy it all was.. then the punchline: "How d'you get a gig up here??.. We've got a R-EA-L FUCKOFF soundsystem!!.. we could be blasting it off this terrace, mon!"  My first thought, 'get yersel' a fuckin' cornfield and HANDS OFF!'  Balgay Hill is sacred ground.  No commercially minded dudes need apply.  I like cornfields.. I like raves.. I like madness.. but there's already plenty of it elsewhere.  The beauty of a night like last night was the stark simplicity of sound and sense and space...and the people who genuinely came to appreciate it.  

{JM took some photos, hopefully there was enough light and we can add them here later. Also, before the gig began, ALTRES were interviewed by award-winning film-maker, Glenn Millar.  Who knows where that footage might turn up.) ah ha! for video link click flyer: 

We don't often review 'pop' bands old or new, but contributing freelancer Fifi J has uploaded her review of the 'Erasure' gig at Usher Hall to the 'Listening To' page.

12 April 06 Wed MGCK Music  '"Berlusconi Rules OK"

Everyone talks about avian flu, but my feeling is this: we're in the grip of a worldwide Power Pandemic.  Watched a BBC 4 documentary last night by brilliant Italian satirist Sabina Guzzanti.  The terrifying truths about Italian politics/corruption.. OUR politics/corruption... Tony Blair.. Europe.. the West... we're fucked kids.  Especially if you just sit back and say, 'well.. yeah.. that's just the way it is..'  All fucked. You can stick your IPod up your ass for all it will help.

Less political Newsflash!  Brian Devoil of Twelfth Night and Electra (ex-Ms Macleod!) have kissed and made up after all these years!!

Looks like the Twelfth Night 'VOCALISTS' album is going to be released soon.  We will keep you posted.

Is she taking a sabbatical from life????: When asked what she's doing 'lately' other than the upcoming ALTRES @ Mills Observatory gig next week... Electra replied, "Devolving... stepping 'out' of the picture... not 'involving'... just being... not communicating...  leaving space... for something new... to happen.  Kinda like a snow-drift..."... 

5 April 06 Wed MGCK Music  "Catch a falling StarFighter...."

An Ode to Bob Calvert: ""Anyone who knows my work would realize that however bad they might think it is, it's all intentional."" -- Robert .Calvert.

Completely hooked... yes.. hooked.. on Bob Calvert; poet, genius, front man for Hawkwind and creator of dozens of his own mind-bending, mind-testing projects.  Revered and 'regarded' and the victim of his own intensity.  Died relatively young in 1988.  Jim tells me about being on tour with the Normal Hawaiians and watching Bob Calvert pacing backstage waiting to go on... like a caged lion filled with the urge to rend the molecules.. new truths.. and images... all so groovy.  Whatever happened to.... people who stretched the bounds??????? 

Repeating a story from last month as it's in keeping with the theme THIS month: "Francis Crick, LSD and the double helix':  Trawling through the remarkable, relatively new, tome by Graham Hancock, "SUPERNATURAL", I came upon the following passage that doesn't surprise me in the least: ""In late July 2004, the Nobel-prize winning biologist Francis Crick, co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, died at the age of 88.  Soon afterwards a little known fact of his life hit the press...  That when he was working at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge in the early 1950's, he frequently used LSD (which remained legal until the mid-60's) as a 'thinking tool' to boost his mental powers.  Crick had privately admitted to colleagues that he was under the influence of LSD in 1953 at the moment when he 'perceived the double helix shape' and unravelled the structure of DNA.""

((if we sound like champions of mind-expansion?? You're right!!  We believe everybody needs to put more sugarcubes in their coffee:-)

Also... trawling around MY SPACEs with a note from a new duo called The Byrons (ex-part of My Next Girlfriend - who wanted to be our friends - so, clicked yes and exchanged emails then visited their myspace.. came across a psychaedelic little chick I'll give you a lead in to.. probably because her 'music' just 'is' and 'isn't' at the same time.. i.e. isn't music but IS relatively mad and psychaedelic and dr*g induced and she presents herself and her myspace VERY WELL... I like the name too:  Mademoiselle'Marquee & le labyrinthe de Marmelade 


"We tried to get to heaven and ended up in space!" Try it.. you might like it...

Thought for the day: "Economists have always failed to take the environment seriously." Seri Turtles @ hotmail.com

If you're looking for last month's stuff: go to Last month's blog: March  2006

Still smokin'!!!!



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