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Art Quote of the Day
A story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end... but not necessarily in that order.
Jean-Luc Godard

And not necessarily like THIS!

This morning, amidst my usual panic attacks on waking (the endless, inching encroachment of THE END, i.e. age, unemployment, loss of career and dreams...maybe even death!) and the underwhelming obvious: I just don't seem to have any fantasies any more...about ANYTHING!; well, a new realisation came into my head after a dread-filling 'job' interview with a make-believe woman who was probably several years younger than me but had her hair, pearls and twinset colour-coded to 'OLD' or maybe it's just 'mature' and I, having never been 'mature', don't recognise what is expected of me.  So, anyway, after that malignant interview, (from which, I am certain,  I departed with cancer cells brewing in my bowels and no offer of employment anyway, for my trouble)...I kicked myself, yet again, about coming back here.  I thought out loud as I waited for a bus:  "It’s like a took a wrong turn in a horror movie and have ended up down a dark street being eaten by monsters.

Then, on top of that, I made another HORRIBLE discovery: The future is a tyranny from which we cannot escape! (That's my quote so don't steal it!!! just appreciate it.) I really AM getting pummeled and punished for decisions I made and actions I took, just a brief year ago.  My coca and young-lover daze is standing up and whipping the shit outta my current life.  I took all the wrong turns in Durango.   Had all the 'fun' and made all the decisions based on that 'fun' with no glance to the future and guess what?  As a result, there IS no future.  That’s why people live in fear and walk around day and night on eggshells.  That's why they stick to the infamous 'Straight and Narrow'. The FUTURE Is looming all the time. The FUTURE is judging all of your current actions.. It is not in the ‘eyes’ of god you are being judged, but the eyes of the future.

So... despairing in the far north... what can be done?  I am now caught, like a fly in my own finely spun web of past 'fun' and false future.  But sh*t, it felt good and to tell the truth, I'd like to do it again and again... and again... and maybe even a few more times after that.

The other realization that regularly thwacks me between the eyeballs: years spent 'publicizing' my 'interests' to the world-wide-web, has turned 'round to bite me in the ass.  Now.. when I go to one of these heinous 'interviews', I see they've pre-empted my visit; made a little trip to the evernet, looked up my name before I show, and watched my half-naked videos and seen my 'political' statements about sex drugs and rock n' roll' and I cannot erase any of that stuff... [on the 'evernet' it lives forever...] and really, the REAL conundrum.. I love it.  I AM PROUD OF IT!  Proud of having been a muse and proud of being one STILL. Proud of being wild and regularly tripping the light-fantastic. And, if I did not need filthy luchre so very immediately badly, would not give a fiddler's f*ck if people don't ever want to 'employ' me ever again.  I mean, what is it all about?  Employed to do 'what' precisely? Add up their expenses, type their nonsense, flip their burgers or serve some dull-brained businessmen drinks?  I would be happy to never ever, ever, ever, do any of that ever ever ever again.  Amen.

There I've said it.  And now I am doomed; to be judged and excluded from 'their' world.  They don't call it 'the straight and narrow' for nuthin'.  I wish I could go back to live in San Francisco circa ANYTIME. I wish I could time travel..say back to 1967 and be 17 years old, just starting out on life's road with a pocketful of trips. 

Oh boy.. caught in a trap called 'City of Arseholes' (not to be confused with 'City of Angels')... send help!!! AND MONEY!!!!... S.O.S.!!!

Love and kisses, as always, Delta Dawn

Re Bloggerhea: In times of Martial Law, opinion is the first thing that will be outlawed, so the most important thing to voice is your opinion.

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Still smokin'!!!! 


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