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SEPTEMBER 2006 - a month of LUNAR ECLIPSESeclipse.jpg (6565 bytes)

30 Sept Sat  2006  -  MGCK Music  The call of the Full Moon Club

Shared a pint with FRITZ the other night after so many moons.  He's starting the next evolution of The Full Moon Club in December @ The Three Tuns on Hanover Street; the first Sunday  of the month, from 2-4pm, "'cause there's nothing  but crap TV on a Sunday, so lets have some music!"  Open to all the joyriders, singer-songwriters, bands, jugglers, fire-eaters and poets from near and far.  You don't have to be a lycanthrope and they've got all the gear.  Just get in touch with Fritz.. mobile number is: 07766-175-749. His tatt's kinda groovy too. (it would help if you're calling from the United Kingdom.. otherwise.. stick a '44' at the front of it.)

MUST SEE FILM OF THE MONTH for every man woman & child: 'AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH' - You can run, you can hide, you can even BUY MORE THINGS!!! but it's coming, so you might as well come to terms with it, even if you're too frickin'' stuck in your self-indulgent consumer belief systems to make a change... Al Gore steps out of the shadows to lead us into the light.

Synopsis of the month: It was September.. and September now has a new celebrity date: the 11th.  And we get all the miasmic misinformation and heart-string pulling, fear-stirring and mind-bending psy-ops that go with it.  The ceremonies at Ground Zero in New York were genuine and the heart-wrenched, gut-ripped, tear-stained emotions expressed, absolutely genuine.  The absence of George Bush was conspicuous.  If you want to explore the 9/11 cover-up, there are so many resources, but good places to start:

Do You Want To Know?:







and of course our favourite game: Hunt the Boeing and test your perceptions!



Even MYSPACE has some 9/11 cover up believers stating their case:



or just GOOGLE it:


Wed 27 Sept  2006  -  MGCK Music   Sing a song to the South (well, kind of 'middle' south)

LEEDS.  Ok.. I know what you're thinking: why Leeds?  If you're heading south Cowboy.. why not just LONDON?  Or (f*ck sake!) just keep going!!  'Til you get to Marrakesh or... Madagascar or RIO!!!! In the right gear, even Shackleton's Antarctic could be an improvement on the current post-Festival Edinburgh scene, BUT... back to the 'head south cowboy' point: My recent neophyte-level initiation into Leeds, as not just a city on a map, but a 'place', has been revelatory.  Now I know why THE WHO called it  'LIVE AT LEEDS'...  yesterday, looking 'round the city.. OK, I LOVE by LONDON! but LEEDS is a surprisingly groovy and thriving, up-market, stock-broker belted, club-land, pumping, jumping, alive-alive! kind of place.  The full spectrum really.  And if you're a guy, I have noticed.. the further south from the Scottish border one travels.. the women genuinely do get better looking.  (Just an observation.) I don't know if the inverse is true.  I didn't get far enough south to notice ANY change in the appearance of the men!!!!

No photos and nothing more to say, except, if you're not going to savour the highlands and heather and mushroom picking possibilities of Scotland in September.. get yersel' 'sahf' my son.  Or maybe just... follow... the sun.. to Kal-IF-Forn-I-A.  (and here comes a photo!) 

Got my 'absentee' ballot to vote in the November 7th gubernatorial election.  I think, this time.. although last time, I can't remember who I voted for, Peter Camejo maybe (the Green Party candidate) or Arabella Huffington.???   Anyway, the fact that Arnie is suing the US motor industry for 'polluting the California landscape' (after his own mighty Hummer purchases - shouldn't he be suing Halliburton or the US Government??)... I think I'm voting for Arnie's turn from a terrifically photogenic Nazi/Republican/Fascist to a terrifically photogenic 'GRRRRRREEEN' Nazi/Neo-Republican/Fascist.  A 'grrrreeeen' nazi/neo-republican fascist is just what California needs.

The best voting choice on the ballot is the 'City and County of San Francisco Measures Submitted to Voters'(and this is a direct quote, not an 'interpretation):"Shall it be City policy to call for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney?"  
How many times can I write in 'YES'!!!

California is such a groovy place.

Mon 25 Sept  2006  -  MGCK Music  'The One O'Clock Gun' Periodical

A copy of the above-mentioned sheet was left at our house the other day, tantalisingly large when unfolded and begging me to read.. something.. so.. eventually.. finally.. after much picking it up to look under it for car keys, or pushing it away to a further corner while I set a place for lunch, I read some of it.  Jenny Lindsay of Big Word @ the Tron Poetry nights fame has donated a piece entitled, "In Scotland We Know We're Fucked'.. about 40 stanzas long, so I won't be printing or quoting it here, but it's kind of on the money. My other favourite, so far, is the last paragraph of a short little 5 paragraph essay, by Don Birnam, entitled 'They Wouldn't Accept It Was Over', about the glorious Festival month of August, spent 'creating some kind of miniature golden-age in your head'; partying with gloriously transient thespians til dawn... Then he sums up the unsavoury truth: "...every September, when the empty city wakes up to a  giant collective hangover, that 'lost' feeling seems as real as the redundant scraps of posters gathered by the wind and blown with the leaves along North Bridge."  

Not the most 'swanlike' or smoothly choreographed finishing lines to a tale, but Don Birnam captures a small segment of the misery I feel at the end of every August.  For other people, like the KLF tracks states, 'It's Grim Up North!' and, apparently, January is the misery month (even Jenny Lindsay sites January as the kick off to the year long MISERY)): But for me, truly, and I say this with my heart in my mouth and my hand on my heart... in bonnie and beautiful Scotland, the only place to be in September is somewhere in the Highlands (environs of Inverness, Aberdeenshire perhaps) shooting grouse (even though I don't kill animals for sport, only 'famine' would drive me to it, STILL I !WOULD! KILL GROUSE to ESCAPE THE SUDDEN BOREDOM OF EDINBURGH IN SEPTEMBER!!!) or sailing off Argyll around the Islands.... just being somewhere where there's lots of 'scenery and heather'; the stuff Jenny Lindsay decries, most Scottish peeps despise.  The stuff I can't get enuff of.

Ahhh.. of course.. I forgot.. the most super-flipping obvious of all.. MAGIC MUSHROOM PICKING!  SO get to it.. instructions below.. but I've spoken to Shaun and he says it's already cool. it's been an adequate season. (Just imagine how lucky you are in Scotland.. you actually have beautifully, incredibly and totally PSYCHEDELIC MUSHROOMS growing in your back greens!!!!!  This does NOT (by the way) HAPPEN  - AT ALL - in NEW YORK or PARIS or HONG KONG or LA!!!!  Hellluva country, Scotland.   http://www.emptymirrorbooks.com/thirdpage/stuffedmushroom.html

Sat 23 Sept  2006  -  MGCK Music  Magic Mushroom hunting.. a picker's tale..

"" I should have taken the blow up mattress.. a bottle of water.. a pillow and a duvet and driven up to Loch Maree this evening and slept by the Loch.  But I wouldnby t do that out of guilt.. Too far to go to get high.

So, this evening.. I DID get as far as West Lomond.. or the environs thereof.  I parked at the picnic area.. it was already 7pm, and in September.. so soon.. the evening sky is dark.. the sun is now 3 months into itby s retreat from itby s zenith.. so this is the same light as youby ll get in Marchby makes sense.  Two days ago it was the solstice.. first day of autumn.. the sun must be at some Longitude correlating to that title.  A long way from here.

So.. I walked up from the car park towards West Lomond, but could barely see 20 feet ahead of me at first.. the fog was coming roling in from the east, thick and fast and there was no view of the hilltop itself.. not anywhere.  But I kept walking, and the fog closed in thicker and I felt a kind of fear.. (Lycanthropes!), but then remembered itby s a 'New' moon yesterday.. not a FULL moon.  But it was still f*ckinby spooky out there.   And the fog closed in more and I could see no distance and no lomond, either East or West.  And so.. rather than persevere and end up by lostby overnight on the hill... I returned back the way Iby d come after walking about 20 minutes.

The car park was deserted except for one vehicle, I believe, belonging to three young people Iby d seen coming out of a field down below.. probably also hunting for mushrooms.  As I walked, I too had looked in the gloom, but did not find any other than some I could not be entirely sure of.  No matter how many times I've seen them.. I still get confused with the other 'lesser' types.  Shaun (the 'expert' in such matters) knows.  He knows exactly how they look and taught me a remarkable thing about them.. as you find them and consume them.. you suddenly 'see' all the others hiding amongst the grasses.  This is not just 'folk-lore' but fact.  I have experienced this 'unveiling' of 'the seeing'.   I wonder what itby s like to be Shaun.. to find mushrooms so easily.. to take them.. to await their magick and to love the planet you find yourself on.""

Next week... I'll just find Shaun........


TONIGHT 22 Sept @ Cabaret Voltaire 11pm - 3am : XFM REMIX TOUR - ROOTS MANUVA w' Jimmy Miller's Brixton blood brother, Ricky Rankin, come to town.  Hosted by Eddy Temple-Morris, who runs a superb night at London's CARGO club, when not DJ'ing on da radio.

Also today/tonight.. New Moon Eclipse in ...Virgo.  All change again.

Wed 20 Sept  2006  -  MGCK Music Party tonight in NEW YORK!: 

Since the Edinburgh Festival is truly -  over - and it's the early onset of winter in Scotland.  You think anything interesting is happening???  (well.. apart from a 'coup' in Thailand and that guy from IRAN speaking at the UN last night and the obvious nuclear devastation that's going to kick off at some point in the not too distant future due to a primordial clash of cultures around our own gloriously BLUE planet) Not much really!!  SO.. with the more important issues of life on this tiny globe firmly blasted from our bacchanalian awareness, and the cold Scottish winter creeping it's gnarly nasty knuckles into my headspace... we're moving the storyline to New York.  The Endless Summer CONTINUES!!  (We hope!)

SHOOTING PEOPLE are having a party TONIGHT on the rooftop bar of The Delancey:  

""Shooting People and Manhattan Edit Workshop would like to invite you to a party to celebrate Independent Film Week in New York! 

Meet other folk in the film and television industry, find people to collaborate with and have a drink on the great rooftop bar of The Delancey. Manhattan Edit Workshop was designed with one fundamental idea by to provide the best training for visual storytellers in a small workshop setting Come along and meet their alumni and staff. Find out more about their Avid and Final Cut workshops here: www.mewshop.com

There will be goodie bags for the first 50 people to arrive!

When: Wednesday, September 20th 7pm-10pm (or stay all night!)

Where: The Delancey 168 Delancey (btw Clinton and Attorney) Lower East Side, Manhattan

Closest subway: J to Essex, F to Delancey

No need to rsvp and feel free to bring along filmmaking friends.  We look forward to seeing you there.  Check out the great panels at the IFP Filmmaker Conference:


Lots of NY cinemas will be offering tickets during Independent Film Week. More details here: www.independentfilmweek.com/

Viva independence! Shooting People, NY""

Right here and now, it's 9-10am GMT.  We're 7 or 8 hours ahead... enough time to catch a flight and 'Be there' or just be a stick in the mud.. see if I care.

PS: I love the reportage on the 'coup' in Thailand.  The largest immediate concern for the Britsh audience is 'will our holidays be effected.'  ...Only if you're the ex-prime minister of Thailand....

Question for the day: WHAT CONSTITUTES DIGNITY'????????? 

Why... the open road .. of course.  And good karma. 

Mon 18 Sept  2006  -  MGCK Music "I bought my freedom.. and all I got was this lousy credit card!" Electra - 'Das Kapitalist'

But will it buy me love??? or turn me into a rampant 'creative genius'?  Ask Wily Walnut: Sex Genius

(you can tell, we got bored with MySpace)

Sun 17 Sept  2006  -  MGCK Music "Hey dude! Just strap this onto your sink!"

In the 'every man tells a story' corner: A DIY video courtesy of YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2Eclam4iUk  


A FEMINIST BLOG refound in the an(n)als (watch that spelling Einstein!) of our Archives:  


I've got to admit this is an odd random thought.. but lately.. every time I've talked to women of a certain age.. like early to mid 30's. ... they ALL HAVE CHILDREN.  It just seems so strange.  Women, even in the free-wheeling west, just reproduce.  It's like they don't really have any other purpose in mind, or the sheer overwhelming 'push' of biology and hormones, blight their minds. They become little more than a creature flowing into a crystal abyss of nothing but their 'urges'.  I would say, we've reached the 'critical mass' point now.  And really, the world does not actually 'need' any more children.. there's a lot of them out there, with no one to look after them or love them.  Adopt those kids.. pick them up.. dust them off.. start all over again.

since time is no longer Chronological.. back to 1 September 2006

Thought for the day: ""what's for you won't go by you.."  Even if it's BAD for you!!!!

Ahhh here comes September... the chill bite of autumn and winter's icy promise (dark nights and SAD Syndrome boozing) lie just around the corner..  but it's not only the thermostat that tells the tale... the September horoscope for LEOS has some words of warning and wisdom:

 ""Now and for the next (quite a) few years, you have a pretty clear-cut choice in love. You can either go for someone whoby s a downright dodgy geezer whoby ll mess you around as much as he confuses you. Or, you could opt for a bloke whoby s more like your cosmic other half, whoby s a bit spiritual, or at least whoby s someone you feel like you can merge souls with. Ahhh. So whatby s it to be? If itby s too late and youby re already entangled with a bad boy, this month offers you the chance to extricate yourself. (You know it makes sense!)""

How specific can it get???  'Dodgy geezer'? 'Bad boy'? 'Cosmic Other Half'?  Milkvan man?  

But since it's no longer August, but now September - it's the VIRGO Horoscope we should paste here: 

VIRGO: New Moon eclipse in your first house 22 Sept ... how many hints do you need? This is your Personal Restart Time, an invitation from the Universe to leave behind that old part of your life which you know is no longer relevant. Donby t panic if it doesnby t all go exactly to plan at the start. Itby s a question of adjustment. You might have to close a door to open another.

Mon 4 Sept  2006  -  MGCK Music the road winds so tantalizing ahead...

This  week/month sees a couple of journeys... 'souf' to Leeds... then back up for a wedding in Argyll at the weekend (the Laird's daughter!) and then next week London, mebbe...??... although there is another party in Argyll the weekend of the 16th.  I told you Argyll was happenin'.  Party animals all.  They will not let the summer go quietly into that dark night of winter...

Lee Graham (ISLE OF ME) sent us a link to his YOUTUBE 'Disappear' videoWe don't often big up random artist's work, but we like Lee (he's a very groovy talented dude) and we really like this one.  REALLY like it.  NATURAL E  HAD a video of the track 'HOME ON THE RANGE' on YOU TUBE, which the California film-maker who produced it took down to rework..? ? go figure.. these arty types.. Phew!  When that video becomes accessible again, we'll set the link. Maybe change the name to 'At Home On The Range'.  In the meantime.. here's a soundbyte of 'Live' ELECTRA vocals with ALTRES at the Elemental Arts Festival Argyll in early August. 

NEWSFLASH FOR THE DAY: Another media Naturalist follows in the footsteps of 'Timothy 'Grizzly Man' Treadwell: Steve 'The Crocodile Hunter' Irwin was killed while noising up a Stingray off the coast of Queensland.  You just knew it was coming.  He'd been prancing around, invading their space.. grabbing them and making them roar, croak, squeak and squirm for the camera.  Exploiting the hell out of all of 'god's little creatures' in his plenary role as all ruling homo sapian planet king.  The George Bush of biologists.  You just knew it was bound to happen.  http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060904/ap_on_en_tv/obit_irwin  - His passing is almost fifth dimensional.  A truly karmic 'freak' accident.

Sometimes we forget the good things on this website, like Delta Dawn's ADVICE to an 'aspiring' muso: 

7 Sept 2006 - Lunar Eclipse in Pisces - all change again.

Mon 11 Sept  2006  -  MGCK Music And the road still winding...

took us to Argyll... once again.. a GRRRRREAT!!! Weekend!  The Laird McDougall's daughter Antonia was wed to David and everybody partied like ...well.. like they do EVERY WEEKEND!!!  I'm abso-flippin'-lutely sure that's ALL they do out there in heaven... and it was superb.. a wonderfully off-it's head wild mix... with a class 'A' after-party in a geodesic dome on the beach at Lunga; kicking off with a traditional Cailidh (did I spell that right?) and then segueing into a rock concert with LAST GREAT WILDERNESS on at around 10:30pm and finishing off the night, which never really seemed to finish (I can testify to kilted chaps and satin clad chapettes still lingering round the absolutely TRASHED bar area at 11am next day), with DJ'd dance/trance strobe-lit meltdown til the bonfire on the beach burned itself to cool embers at dawn. Those photos are lost with the camera... that kind of got left behind.. somewhere.... [Photos of wedding view, Lily and Shauna, kids on the beach, Bannerman's Julie & Wildernesian  Chris,  taken the morning before the event actually kicked off, all courtesy of USr!)

[N.B. - You know what's funny about all this????.. my light re-reading this summer past, while sunning and funning at a small castle on a mountaintop hideaway in Spain was Marx's COMMUNIST MANIFESTO.  And thus, it follows, that currently I would be stuck into Marx's DAS KAPITAL!!!  And so... have to wonder.. where, exactly, amongst those sombre, painfully truthful pages, does the 'aristocats' wedding in Argyll fit?????]

But f*ck being reasonable and rational.. let's be IRONIC and HAVE FUN!!!!!  Another party in Argyll???? on the books for next weekend the 16th??? oooohhhh..hmmmmm.. I dunnnno... I'm getting tired of fun.  London some time.. mebbe... week after that. Cali-for-Ni-A some time??? after that??? like October..maybe???  Everything's a HUGE 'MAYBE' as life just surfs that wave. 


About to relegate another latter month of web-slog to the Archives and in that process, we review that month.  So.. as we say goodbye to March 2005 we remember these moments:

Thought for the Month (decade if necessary): 


Whatever happened to.....  hitch-hiking? and the open road?

http://www.bruceeisner.com/new_culture/current_affairs/  Very cool, very interesting and VERY telling website devoted to discussions and literature about 'hey, whatever happened to the counterculture?'  It became the consumer culture.  Read on.  Lots of breaks on the page, but keep scrolling down.. there's mucho interesting stuff there.  Actually, too much. Too much to read and take in.  You'd need three heads and several brains.  Maybe they'll work that out in a lab somewherever, some day soon.

* The web is full of significant messages.  Sometimes you get lucky and just stumble across them. [photo courtesy of google images.. really sorry if it belongs to someone specifically.. it's being used to highlight a point, not make a profit.]

" Can you say 'effluvients'? or 'shit outta luck'?

<<<<- alot of people think the world looks like this, but really, it looks like this --->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

THERE'S NO FUTURE.. So BUY NOW!: This morning, while watching BBC or ITV 24-hour news, I got the kind of stomach turning information mix that is so much a part of our daily life.  The message: 'the world's fucked!' followed by the next message 'so buy more things!'...  


Or, does this man have the right idea?

Wanting to "continue the good name" of his gun, Lt. Gen. Mikhail Kalashnikov is now marketing a vodka under the AK-47's brand. The promoters say that it is "best drunk with friends."

Have you got any?



If you're looking for LAST MONTH's stuff (Summer's Gone but NOT FORGOTTEN)": go to Last month's blog: The Beautiful Summer 2006

Still smokin'!!!!


  BE THERE...... or BE SOMEWHERE ELSE!  If you don't know how.. take lessons on COUNTERCULTURE.


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SPACE: The FINAL FRONTIER! Always an eyeful: The Universe Today

Sites worth a visit and support are: http://www.adbusters.org and Be an 'Antipreneur' - anti-corporate - self-motivated activist: http://adbusters.org/metas/politico/antipreneur/



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