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***Disclaimer - we make music, we like life, but we also take note of the craziness all around and sometimes write about it.  If you find yourself described in any of the fairy-tales on this page, just remember... all of your names and details are fictitious. Love and kiss kiss kiss, Delta Dawn

1 January 2014 - New Year's Day -   MGCK Music 

An autopsy on the last year?

"ну и так далее, сами знаете, что я тут распинаюсь. И не надо ничего запрещать. Надо, чтоб существовало пространство, куда можно уйти, оставив этот дурацкий, набитый подлостью и глупостью сундук пылиться в углу. Но такого пространства пока нет."  PRILEPIN

"You know what, I'm crucified. And do not deny anything. There must be a space where you can go away, leaving the stupid; full of their meanness and stupidity in a trunk in the corner collecting dust.  But such a space... not yet."



Re Bloggerhea: In times of Martial Law, opinion is the first thing that will be outlawed, so the most important thing to voice is your opinion.

you're looking for the LAST Year's stuff - go to: Unoffishal 2013 - Still smokin'!!!! 


  BE THERE...... or BE SOMEWHERE ELSE!  If you don't know how.. take lessons


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