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The TWELFTH NIGHT 'VOICES IN THE NIGHT' Double CD is now available on Cyclops Records.  The album of previously unreleased material, includes 3 of the earliest Twelfth Night tracks written and performed with 'Electra', in that brief, but glittering period when she was their lyricist/vocalist - as unlikely a pairing as you'll get.  If you like the words 'CHALK' and 'CHEESE' and PROG' and 'ROCK' in the same sentence, you'll like this. So, GO get it NOW!  [READ the SLEEVE NOTES] [Hey, don't you guys owe me a Royalty cheque???!!!! ] .. and my dignity back?????.....  Some things ARE PRICELESS.

AUGUST- SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2008.. Oh F*CK ME>. IT's already DECEMBER!! no, now JANUARY 2009!  - sunset 1 001_0001.jpg (12845 bytes) - California Dreaming

 Wed 31 Dec 2008 into 1 January 2009  MGCK Music    New Year's Eve to New Year's Day

New Year's Resolutions (or Intentions): I'm not fucking it up again.  Next year, (well 2009!) I'm going home.  I'm going back to New York.. at LEAST for New Year's Eve.  Times Square, as always, was rockin' last night and makes me weep missing it.  Some lucky f*cker captured this evocative video of the last minute to midnight.


 My New Year's Eve:  We were supposed to drive over to a Ceilidh in a Castle in Argyll... but when I woke at 10am on Wednesday, the last place I wanted to be was in a car, driving for 4 hours and then, in a Ceilidh, drinking for the following 8.  So.. we decided to stay home, stay in... drink a case of Cava, watch the Edinburgh Castle fireworks from our living room window and, of course... feed the foxes.  That's what I did with my New Year's Eve.. and you know what?  It was spectacular: cozy, warm, lovely and I got to listen to the music I wanted to hear (I'm not crazy about the Ceilidh tunes) and the foxes (three young ones) were so grateful and lovely waiting patiently for their smoked salmon and chicken legs.  (ok.. I spoil them, but it's New Years.) 

So that was that...along with the news I'll be heading back to the States in this next month.  So...Venice and St Petersburg will have to wait!!! Things turn on a dime and then your back again....somewhere else.  Carpe Diem.. make the most of every moment.  And be very careful what you wish for... you just might get it.  I usually do!

GOOD TIMES by Kingsley Amis

They only move who travel far,

So whisk me off down roads unsigned

And take me where the good times are,


Whizz past the dance-hall and the bar;

All muffled contact must be blind.

They only move who travel far.


Borsch, pate, filthy caviar,

Say I’ve respectfully declined,

And take me where the good times are.


The social round – Martell, cigar,

Talk about talk – is social grind;

They only move who travel far.


Install me dozing in the car,

Wined, dined but still unconcubined,

And take me where the good times are.


Lush pastures of the cinema

Will be demanded, once defined,

They only move who travel far.


Fear –  indigestion, guilt – catarrh –  

If these exist, leave them behind

And take me where the good times are.


Tell me, will movement make or mar?

Then root my body, tell my mind

They only move who travel far

And take me where the good times are.


Wed 24 - Thurs 25 Dec 2008 in Liverpool  MGCK Music    Holi-days

Midnight Mass at Liverpool Metro RC Cathedral.  I've never been to a midnight mass and I'm not a Catholic (or any other particular faith for that matter)  but I would recommend this splendid (decidedly spacey!) ritual to anyone.  Incredible visuals, incredible music and voice (Liverpool RC Cathedral choir), incredibly positive messages, all the christmas carols you can sing (plus the Latin Mass) and an incredible sense of 'lightness of being' throughout... maybe there's something in it after all.

On Christmas Day we roamed around the waterfront, incredibly built up during Liverpool's 'European Capital City of Culture' Year.  A plethora of new luxury apartment buildings, museums, shopping malls the size of football stadiums, perfect pavement with little blue lights, green parks, gorgeous views; constructing the future everywhere..... What they've done in a year is incredible.  Albert Docks, Liverpool One, all of the inner city is beautiful.

Rodin's 'The Kiss' viewed (sadly) through the Tate Gallery windows (closed on Christmas Day)


Christmas people with a can of beer

Liverpool Legend - Billy Fury - dead at the age of 42 - living fast and leaving an enviable statue.

A building I liked at Albert Docks - must be an old Customs & Excise house.

Another building I liked on James Street... it just caught my eye... it's age, lead-paned windows and the the colour of the stone...

Newly planted birch trees adorn the park at Liverpool One

The new meets the old

The Pig and Whistle, lamentably closed on Christmas Day

JM having a drink in the Lobby of our hotel - the ONLY place open, before we headed off for Christmas dinner with family and friends

A sculpture in the hotel lobby

Moi in the ladies room

The design on my Guns N' Roses wellies - a bit more 'Day of The Dead' than Christmas Day.

the wellies themselves later on

'Follow the blue brick road...' The perfect pavement inset with blue lights the wellies got to walk down.

A drive-by of the walls of Walton Prison remind you it's not all happy holidays

A few days of too much food and drink and then the road North, at this point taking us towards Shap Pass and beyond.


Mon 22 Dec 2008  MGCK Music    Love is the Law

'Heart' by Vala


Tues 16 Dec 2008  MGCK Music    Dandy Andy's Warhols

They looked tired. Like they've been on the road awhile and the audience wasn't exactly enough or the night before was a little too much.  Like it was just another gig in a far-flung place on a map and on their itinerary ("Hmmmm Skot Land.  Aint' that near Skandinavia?) Still.. they warmed up nicely as they went along. THE DRUMMER WAS, no IS superb.. deceptively simplistic and TIGHT as a drum.  I don't' know anyone's names.. apart from Courtney Taylor Taylor Love Courtney! (somethin' like that) who writes, plays, psychs and sings it.  The use of a very crafty 'light panel' on the back wall beautifully blurred the band members in waves of colour kinda like an early Fillmore light-show and f*cked my camera completely out of focus.  JM said they sounded like Hawkwind! (A great compliment about their sheer 'sonic' and psychadelic-ness.) I liked the gig, but didn't 'love' it. But what I do love is the, 'This is it, this is our art, take it, leave it, shove it up your butt!' attitude and their 'oh shit, here's the hit' ennui when they delivered the crowd-craved favourite 'Bohemian Like You'.   Yes, I'm a sucker and I  LOVE that song like a million other people.. I believe Jack Kerouac and Moriarty would tear down endless highways trying to find it on the radio, but I understand... they get a little tired playing it every night. 

 So anyway.. that was last night.  The ABC?  Nice venue by the way.  Very tidy.  Nice size.  Glasgow?  Bigger than Edinburgh (much broader - I mean a highway runs through it), but still... too far North for me.   Make up your own mind.  I think Andy woulda like them just fine.


and the trip home....

[vid clip of Dandy Warhols @ ABC1 Glasgow, 15 Dec 2008 and photo of Miller's Eye on Sauchiehall Street courtesy Moi!]


Mon 15 Dec 2008  MGCK Music    Be careful what you wish for!  

You just might get it.... well kinda.. it's not exactly what I had in mind. but still.. a gift from Regular, so I won't look it in the mouth.


Back in September.. I was apoplectic with anguish that I was leaving San Francisco and the Dandys were playing The Warfield (perfect gig site for them) on 4 October.  And a quick check of their tour schedule and it looked like they were headed to Australia after that.  Well.. it's odd, but they're here in the UK and tonight I'm seeing them.

I have mixed feelings.  I love this band.  But I really want to see them in an 'indigenous' off-it's-head great psychedelic gig location, like San Francisco... or maybe even TO-KY-O!

And I've never been in the ABC (... did I see SAHB there?).... hmmmm... nice club if that's the case, but I don't know if I can sneak my camera in.  Then again.. I'd never get my camera into The Warfield.  It may have to be a mobile phone job.  Disappointing, but there ya go.

Last Saturday night I went out to The Shore to have a coupla drinks with a friend back from Moscow.  The same friend who was in Russian class with me for three years and two years ago told me, 'Russia is an adventure that would last you the rest of your life!'  I almost believed him. Я почти верилa ему!

So.. anyway... he's singing a different tune these days.  Ужасный! ... or in a language you may understand: "APPALLING!"  That's what he's saying now.  He wants out.  Wants to move to the south of France.  The things I see, hear and read about going on, on this island and the rest of Europe and the stories he tells me about day to day life in Moscow, make me realise there is only one place to live and that's MENDOCINO!!!! or Hawaii.. my best friend John, in San Fran says he's running away to live in Hawaii.  He doesn't care if he has to bag groceries at Safeway.  He's going.

Anyway... after I left The Shore and walked around the corner on Bernard Street, I was Shanghai'd by 'the lads' and ferried into a dark and dismal pub place, which turned out to be a lot of fun.  A little too much fun.  I like the company of men.  They shout and stomp and bark at the moon.  Get off their heads and go crazy.  Let nothing hold them back or down when the spirits and the chemicals take them.  I like that kind of night out.  Women are a little too 'circumspect' and way too SELF-CONSCIOUS to spend a Saturday night with.  But 'the boys'.. yes.. they're a whole lotta fun.  As I said, too much fun.. and when I finally got home around 4am to the warm arms of JM, who was so busy writing new music in the back studio, he never even noticed I was gone!  Anyway... the long and the short of it.  I lost a day, Sunday.. yesterday... I lost a whole day not feeling too good after the fact.  Sick as a dog actually, all day long.  There must be a moral to the story.. but I have none.. myth-spent youth runs to a simple desire to never let the party stop..  Once you know what the party's like, I mean.

... that night brings to mind one of my FAVOURITE POEMS EVER!!!: 

the boys i mean are not refined by E. E. Cummings

the boys i mean are not refined
they go with girls who buck and bite
they do not give a fuck for luck
they hump them thirteen times a night

one hangs a hat upon her tit
one carves a cross on her behind
they do not give a shit for wit
the boys i mean are not refined

they come with girls who bite and buck
who cannot read and cannot write
who laugh like they would fall apart
and masturbate with dynamite

the boys i mean are not refined
they cannot chat of that and this
they do not give a fart for art
they kill like you would take a piss

they speak whatever's on their mind
they do whatever's in their pants
the boys i mean are not refined
they shake the mountains when they dance!


 They certainly do.-----------------------------------

Remember:  "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security shall deserve neither and lose both."  Benjamin Franklin.

Mon 17 Nov 2008  MGCK Music    Come Back Music Business!!  

All Is Forgiven!!!

"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench; a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs.   There's also a negative side." -- Hunter S. Thompson

Yes... the negative side is THE AMATEUR Music Business....!

I have to agree with Hunter S... But apart from the glamorous glass and steel hallways of the major labels, (that any smart musician WISHES he/she could get inside of), there's the 'OTHER' music business.  The one handled 'locally' by amateurs.  The one running riot in the world right now.  The music business taken back by THE PEOPLE! For THE PEOPLE!!!  Which is, in many ways, more of a fuck-up and ultimately more dangerous to a career in music than the vicious throat-cutting cowboys that the majors ever were.  At least the throat-cutting cowboys kept RECORDS!  I.e. sales, percentages, royalties due.. or in many cases, NOT DUE TO YOU!!! because you'd cut a lousy deal and signed on the wrong bottom line.  But still, they kept records.  Records you could request.  Records that were regulated by bodies such as ASCAP, MCPS, PRS, PPL.  Lotsa bodies looking after every single unit of your music, recorded, played, sold.  Looking after your agreed publishing and performance cuts.

Now, what we've got is an amateur 'music business' taken into the hands of the bands and the artists and their friends.  Downloads and CD's sold at gigs.  Airplay on internet stations which demand the 'artist' have NO AFFILIATIONS - i.e. no ASCAP or PRS or MCPS membership.   Nobody to report to that the station played your song and you are due a premium.  This amateur side of things is being touted as the greatest thing for the artist since the invention of the multi-track mixing desk.  Puts the power and THE MONEY IMMEDIATELY in the artists' hands.  Yes.. as long as you're only selling 4 copies of your CD at a gig and all the band members can take a quid from the proceeds there and then.  Otherwise, how is the money collected? WHO collects it, WHO divvies it up and WHO disburses it to songwriters and band members?  Who works out the overheads: recording costs and costs of artwork, materials (jewelcase and liners).. just the man-hours involved in the creation of the finished product; the administration of the task: WHO WORKS THAT OUT?  And alongside this laissez-faire nonsense is a great sense that because it's this new revolutionary Bolshevik universe of communal music, that a lot of it should just be given away or let 'slip' away.  Free internet radio play.  Free downloads.  Free Free Free.  

This has been a talking point in my blogs before, but I'm getting a real belly full of it in the last year or two with the release of a CD with 3 of my songs on it.  The 'independent' record label and distributor of the CD and the 'administrator' of the CD's design and compilation (a previous band member) went to all kinds of lengths to appear to be professional.  Contracts were meticulously gone over, detailed, etc before signing.  Artwork was sent around to be OK'd.  It all looked 'acceptable' up front, except for the demand that the MCPS (Mechanical Copyright 'Protection' Society) not be advised or gone through to 'license' the CD.  That they would do it themselves.  Barcode it and launch it out there on the internet in this brave new world.

OK.. I didn't really want to do it their way.. but ultimately, it was only 3 songs and they were crap and I was paid some remuneration up front.  OK.. that's fine.. but here we are 1 and a half years later.  I can go to various internet sites and see this album for sale, for MUCH MORE now than the initial agreed retail price that we the band-members/songwriters signed contracts for an agreed percentage-split of.  And I have never, to date, seen any kind of accounting for units sold, as normally delivered by the MCPS

1.1 "Accounting Period" means every three calendar month period commencing with the date of the first day of the month in which the invoice referred to in clause 4.8 is issued.

or, god forbid, any record of radio play of any tracks on the album, which I assure you, this particular Kabala of indie-Label and Administrator would have been pushing and hoping for.

So .. now what's happened? As of this past week, another person has wriggled out of the woodwork describing himself as the band's 'approved Biographer'.  He wants to ask me some questions.  I say to him, ' I'm not too happy with this band at the moment.  I've never received any accounting of album sales or radio play and it's entirely possible (though entirely my own fault) that they may be owing me some money at this time.  So, really, apart from the fact they were always VERY DULL.. I have nothing to say about them.

So, I think the point of this blog is to shout: ""Oh MY GOD, for the days of the real music business!!!!!!""  Real Cutthroat Bastard Executives and Managers, Real labels.  Real Publishers.  Real Radio Play.  Real timelines, goalposts and REAL A&R MEN and WOMEN!!!  [[Jesus, they're the ones I miss most.  My KINGDOM for a GOOD A&R Person!]]  Yes, THEM.  The people responsible for 'ARTIST DEVELOPMENT'.  When was the last time you heard those two words together in the same sentence?  The people who meticulously would review the proposed songs for an album, i.e. YOUR REPERTOIRE and worked with you - The ARTIST on the development and production of those tracks.  Oh for CLIVE DAVIS, the ultimate A&R man.  And the GREAT Producers.  Where are they now?  As every band or 'artist' whacks together an album of sloppy, under-produced and under-detailed tracks in their bedrooms or some cheap studio.  Which is fine.. in the short run..   It's fine for 2 or three albums to launch yourself out there on the ether, to develop your own sound and approach.  It's fine to begin that way, surfing along at street level.  But when 300,000 bands remain at 'street level' for what constitutes the entirety of their 'music' careers, something tells me a lot of people have day jobs.

and a lot of music ends up forgotten and trashed like this disk I found on Market Street in San Francisco.

So, yes, please.. bring back the bad old days of the REAL Music Business.  And I'll add here, for all the propaganda, the REAL business, currently, is not so much on it's last legs.  It's making more money on fewer artists and it won't EVER invest again the way it used to in 'artist development', preferring to leave the great unwashed out there on the OUTSIDE.  So go ahead... DIY your own music and tour dates and publicity - Lucky you! - In other words, to not really have a music career.


Anyway.. being a Serious Voyager.. I fell in love with the journey of the SIRIUS VOYAGER as she exited San Francisco Bay and headed into the setting sun.  We drove across the Bridge, through the Presidio, down past Baker Beach to Ocean Beach and caught her as she headed out to open sea in the setting sun. 

[All photos courtesy © ME!! San Francisco, June 08]

Art Quote of the Day
You don't take a photograph, you make it.
Ansel Adams


From my Personal Magick @ MGCK Music

Sat 8 Nov 2008  MGCK Music     TODD RUNDGREN 

LIVE @ The Picture House, Edinburgh, Scotland.  The ARENA album tour.

I went to this gig last night in Edinburgh, not expecting it to even touch the sides of The Great American Music Hall gig last 6 July in San Francisco - but man... 'Todd the God'... It was better.  All so tight.  His VOICE WAS INCREDIBLE.  For me.. Todd sings 250% better at this time in his life than he ever did as a young man.  His guitar playing is superb and as another music critic (Mr Dead Earnest) put it in a text to me this morning.  'It was heaven for me.  Pure rock n roll primeval raw sex and power!!!"  Yes indeed.  Todd is sexy.  I think so anyway.  He can come over any time... or better.. he CAN TAKE ME BACK TO CALIFORNIA WITH HIM.  PLEEEEEEEEZ  TODDDDD!  Anyway.. The Picture House staff threatened to expel me after telling me twice to stop filming, but, hey.. I'm a determined girl.  This video track 'MOUNTAINTOP' is my favourite from the ARENA album, along with 'Bardo'  as in 'the last Bardo....'  I believe it's a perfect song.  Especially if you've lost someone recently.  JM loves COURAGE and WEAKNESS.  They're all great.  The ONLY thing missing from this night for me?  Somehow, here in the UK people take the 'No Smoking' message literally in these venues.  In California, they know it only means 'No CIGARETTES!'  i.e. The Great American Music Hall was a bit like the inside of a giant BONG!  

Anyway.. for your delectation...the uniquely talented Todd Rundgren:


[video clip courtesy of Moi! Electra 7 Nov 2008]

Fri 7 Nov 2008  MGCK Music     Mellowing on the good news

I'm very pleased for all of the individuals of Afro-American descent and those who claim ‘mixed race’ status - for all people of colour who feel one of their own has finally broken the glass (or cast-iron ceiling) and ascended to the highest office in the land, but really, as a woman, I’ve been waiting for a ray of Hope my whole life long.  FINALLY, the end of the reign of the Stupid White Man (tho' there’s a lot of them still around).  I’ve been waiting all my life to see white men toppled from their complete grip on boardrooms, businesses and the presidency. I’ve been waiting for a world that says, ‘there is no entitlement, only what you earn as a human being, regardless of race, sex, background….’ Believe it or not.. me.. who’s lived her whole life on the coattails of ‘entitlement’ wants to see hard work and humanism get the kudos.  Speaking of Stupid White Men, I was watching snippets of our Ex-US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton’s cuddly brand of Nazism on YouTube. The guy actually told Tony Benn something to the effect, no matter how messed up we’ve made Iraq, the Iraqis are ‘LUCKY’ to ‘live in a country without a dictator’. No.. really, they’re lucky to live in a country without John Bolton, ‘though I hear he sometimes visits.


Speaking of ‘other’ white guys who are not so stupid…TONIGHT is Todd Rundgren @The Picture House on Lothian Road, Edinburgh. I will try to take my camera.  Dress it up as a toy poodle or something.

It's also my brother's birthday, so Happy Birthday to him and Happy BIrthday to all other Scorpios out there.


Wed 5 Nov 2008  MGCK Music     Thank God for Pennsylvania...

and Virginia, and Ohio, and New Hampshire and Nevada, and Colorado and New Mexico and South Carolina and Florida and all of the people who really 'thought about it' long and hard before they cast their ballots.  For the first time in YEARS as an American living abroad, I am completely and totally and 'ecstatically' PROUD to be an American out in the world.  The world feels 'safer' today.  Thanks to all of you who voted, for helping to create this new feeling.  This new possibility.

[Postscript: Wow... I'm feeling so pleased and generous on this beautiful November 5th morning... I'm feeling such 'largesse' that I might even consider SLEEPING with a Republican!!!! Not today.. but maybe in the future.. should the right one come along.]


Sat 1 Nov 2008  MGCK Music     "Living With War"...

I watched the Neil Young/Stephen Stills generated documentary last night about the CSNY 'Living With War' album tour in 2006.  Very interesting.  On the back of that, I went searching on the net today for more information about the 'Living with War' website and found a wonderful little video on YouTube:   Neil Young giving a most patient and eloquent lesson on 'Patriotism' and the 'right of Free Speech' to a CNN 'Showbiz Tonight' LA media bimbo.  A more bizarre and odd couple you couldn't sew together... but as one YouTube watcher stated.  "She needed to interview him, because she needed to learn."  or as the Buddhists say, 'when the student is ready, the teacher appears."


We're getting closer and closer to Tuesday.  Vote your conscience.  Vote for the truth.

Quote for the Day:  "There is nothing so difficult in all human affairs as to change the established order of things, because the people who will lose are certain of their loss, while those who will benefit are uncertain of their gain  Nicolo Machiavelli - 'The Prince'


Fri 31 Oct 2008  MGCK Music    A question for you...

Apparently, my 'I Will Not Sleep With A Republican' button hit a HOT button with some people on MySpace.  I sent it out as a bulletin and got back some advice that first, I'm an idiot creating division amongst people (well maybe people who take everything literally) and second, no self-respecting Republican would want to sleep with me! (no irony there), and third I should sleep only with my boyfriend or husband and keep my dirty diseases to myself! (a new social health plan in development - quarantine!)  I could say 'touche' and if only the 'new' REPUBLICANS would keep their current mindset to themselves, we'd all sleep a lot safer.  

But I have to ask, when did the Republican Party get hi-jacked by the Special 'Interest' Parties?  In it's inception (mid 1800's) it was the party for abolition and women's rights.. a lot of good things.. so WHAT HAPPENED?  How did we arrive at the last 40 years dotted with a 'Nixon', a 'Reagan', a whole gaggle of 'Bush's' and now a candidate called 'McCain'?  All war-mongers, all special interests kowtowers and protectors of the moneyed 'Elite' versus the wage-slaves.  Add to that, in the last 2 decades they've become the party of the far right SUPER EVANGELISTS.  The party that brought the words 'Creationism', 'Armageddon' and 'Rapture' into schoolrooms and into context as a modern possibility.  How did this happen?  It's a fair question from a possibly diseased idiot who is allowed to sleep only with her boyfriend or her husband (at least they left me TWO people I can sleep with).


Tues 28 Oct 2008  MGCK Music    All You Need To Know..

And I haven't 'slept' with a Republican since the last time I had a bad dream and crawled into bed with my parents when I was about 3 or 4.

"Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable - a most sacred right - a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world."
Abraham Lincoln

(photo of the 'On Message' button on my San Francisco jacket © J Miller 27 Oct 08)



Sat 18 Oct 2008  MGCK Music    The Debates and 'The Daily Show'

I sent my 'Absentee Ballot home to California to be counted. Yes, I voted for Barack Obama.  I mean, there is no choice is there?   We can't have an alaskan seal-pup slaying pitbull-lipstick oozing MILF as President of the United States!   So.. anyway... the Daily Show.. and Palin As President link (hilarious! and scary too)  

The message: Don't be complacent.  VOTE.




Tues 14 Oct 2008  MGCK Music   FULL MOON Tonight

DundeE-Live! Electronica Fest - 18 October 2008 - 

I was supposed to go up and join my heroes ALTRES this weekend as part of the DundeE-LIVE Electronica Fest - A 12-hour orgasmatron of sound and (hopefully) sensation!!! (bring on the "e" and the lysergic d!) Well, you can imagine my surprise when, (just this morning as a matter of fact), I got a text from Mr Dead Earnest advising me the 'venue' for said 'FEST' has potentially suffered an in-FEST-ation! and been closed for Health & Safety contraventions.  So.. NO 12-Hour ELECTRONIC OrGASMATRON! And no chance to trot my vocal skills out for a little warm-up with my pals.

I believe some efforts are being made to petition The Doghouse to host 'half a Festival' this Saturday afternoon and that ALTRES will be playing (probably sans moi), but I don't know it will be the same thing.  Many of the artists involved reside south of the border and sightings in the Scottish North are rarer than rocking horse sh*t, making it quite a potentially memorable gathering.  Anyway... in the future, here's to roaches you can smoke.

**Hey guys.. how 'bout a gig in Glasgow?  Glasgow's got lots of nice clean venues.  There's always San Francisco......



Sat 4 Oct 2008  MGCK Music   Why am I here and not there?.

Some questions are unanswerable... Tonight at The Warfield in San Francisco.. the Dandy Warhols are plying their particularly sonic and psychaedelic take on life on the stage.  I can't help but love the Dandies.. Especially ODDITORIUM.  And the docu-mental "DIG".  For me.... being somewhere where they were going to be and not being there now... well.. yeah.. I guess.. I'm a fan.. whatever that means. 


Fri 3 Oct 2008  MGCK Music   I went out in Embra!1 last night...

and boy was it SHITE! Fifi J and me went to some 'wine bar' in the 'glamorous' Capital City Centre.  Fuck me.. what a dump!!!! With the halt the lame and the blind at the bar (and I said CITY CENTRE.. NOT LEITH!)  Middle-aged men of every desperate 'professional'2 stripe.  So effed up and damaged - I can hardly believe they were still standing.  We went there to have a serious 'personal' confab.. but if you've got two legs and might be sporting a fanny - you're game on!!!  I don't frequent places like this (nye normalnoe) and it gives me such a sense of absolute hopelessness for the planet to know these places exist and are populated by these people.  What more can I tell you??  Oh yes.. I know.. 'IT WOULDN'T HAPPEN IN SAN FRANCISCO!!!! Head west... and don't spare the horses.  Amen.

From my Personal Magick @ MGCK Music

Footnote 1:  'EMBRA' is the way Edinburgh people like to pronounce the name of their favourite town.

Footnote 2:  When I was a kid, the word 'professional' if used to describe someone, meant that person was a prostitute.  

OH yes! 'Def-in-f*ckin-A-tely' (as the Embra folk say)....' If the shoe fits' is what I say.


"Dark... dark in the day time..." the United Kingdom is!!!!

Thurs 2 Oct 2008  MGCK Music   The Big Dogs...

As my mother said to me yesterday, "the entire global financial crisis is a manipulation by the Illumati and the Numerati!" How my mother knew the term 'numerati' and I didn't, sent me on a search for information.  Here's the man setting himself out as the expert on the subject.  I think he's giving us 'some' information that we can 'crunch' while we're being crunched.. 


but after a 4am panic attack this morning.. I thought.. "it's bigger than even that!"  I asked JM about YouTube.. "Why would they 'allow' us to seek out and POST! diverse opinions and information??" and he said, 'You Tube is a market research tool'.. yes.. I guess it all is.  Surf carefully my friends.

Mon 29 Sept 2008  MGCK Music   In the Parlance...

If, according to Saturday Night Live, Sarah Palin's a 'MILF' (a 'Mother I'd Like to F*ck').. .What's that make John McCain?.... a 'FILTH'?  (a 'Father I'd Like To Hump'?)  [Well.. maybe not John McCain .. maybe someone like Johnny Depp or someone a bit more.. you know.. 'humpable'.] 

Miller came up with that notion last night... I'm sure someone else will claim they created it.. but I've sent it to Jay Leno, David Letterman and Jon Stewart just to get the historic marker in.  Anyway... an ode to GREENBACKS!!!!

Yes... in God and the Almighty Dollar! we Trust. Even if they're going going gone...


Sat 20 Sept 2008  MGCK Music   It's not California...

but it is water and it's kinda blue

--------------------------------- (photo 'Across The Forth' © Electra Sept 09)

Tues 16 Sept 2008  MGCK Music   If Only... CAL-IF-ONLY...

"I like u.. Yeah I like u.. I'm bohemian li-ike you....." Dandy Warhols....and u and u and u...

Ok.. it's happening already... nostalgia for California... SAILING trips in HONOUR OF CALIFORNIA!!!  ACID TRIPS in HONOUR of CALIFORNIA... EVERYTHING IN HONOUR OF CALIFORNIA!!!!  Oh GOD.. TAKE ME HOME!!!! to


where the skies and the water are BLUE

[photo © Electra Windsurfer in San Francisco Bay'  taken from the Golden Gate Bridge, sometime Aug 08]

Art Quote of the Day
Art is Art. Everything else is everything else.
Ad Reinhardt

Tues 9 Sept 2008  MGCK Music   So shoot me in the head

I just left San Francisco, arrived here in the cold and rain and discovered THE DANDY WARHOLS are playing THE WARFIELD (my favourite venue on 'this' planet) on 4 OCTOBER 2008.  If I had known that.. I woulda put off heading out for another month.  Considering, they won't be coming round this way {UK way} for a while... if ever... if only....

Sun 7 Sept 2008  MGCK Music   It Had To Happen

The return leg of the journey.... from the glorious beaches, mountains and cities of the North Coast of California to the, well... somewhat rainy dark of the UK; the 'underbelly', under siege from storms and economic troubles.

oh fuck.. musings on the truth... Leaving the Golden State is SHITE!!!!!!!!

Musings on Love and Leaving:  While packing up the last of the things from our life here in SF, I found a DVD with a couple of experimental video clips on it, that my sister had thrown together.  This one clip tore my heart.   She set the footage to a demo of a song I wrote maybe 6 or 7 years ago -  "LEAVING"  - and never did anything with (like most things I record).  I'd literally thrown it down one morning; just vocals, and she loved it and paired some of the same Ocean Beach footage she'd used to make the video for my song 'SAVE YOU'.  It seems the perfect way to say 'good-bye' to the Bay now.  (But I'll be back! - ----  even if she won't.)



music, words & performance © Electra 2001/2002 - Video © ALAVALA 2006

 I can't leave without saying 'good-bye' to The Bridge... in blue, blue, blue... 'I left my heart... ''

...all part of California Dreaming

[All photos courtesy © ME!! San Francisco, end August- early Sept '08 - the end of an era.. or, just 'the end of THE END'.]


Art Quote of the Day
The most profound things are inexpressible.
Jenny Holzer



it's all wacky shit.. but I like it.



Sat 30 August - Mon 1 Sept  2008  MGCK Music   A New Moon Rising

It's the end of an incredible month, and it ends with an incredible weekend.  The LABOR DAY weekend.  A biggy in America... 

  • You can drag your ass to BURNING MAN @ Black Rock in the Nevada Desert (6 months ago, I promised myself I'd BE THERE! but .. well... other things took precedence. -   I've been promising myself I'd BE THERE for 12 years now!!!!!)

  • or STINSON BEACH CLOSED for the weekend with two Great White Shark sightings.

  • OR...On Sunday: EMBARCADERO STREET EVENT (San Francisco): a 4.5 mile route along the waterfront closed to traffic.  Fairs, yoga classes, markets, other consumer interests and THANKFULLY, apart from all that nonsense... the most gorgeous views known to man or beast.. 

  • Or you can stay home in bed, read a paper.. and later.. when it seems appropriate to get up and maybe do some 'thing'...you can walk the dog (or the girlfriend) to the bridge...and catch the same spectacular life-changing views....

So much going on.. and it's all because with this weekend passing... traditionally... just like Jim Morrison sings it... "Summer's Gone".   And SUMMER on the California coast, is like nothing you've ever experienced anywhere else.  It's the best.  

The Golden Gate Bridge, through rose-coloured glasses... literally, on another perfect San Francisco / Bay Area evening. 

[photo © Electra, San Francisco, 28 Aug 08]

the run up to the end of summer... and this has been the most perfect summer...of all of them... ever.


Sun 17 August  2008  MGCK Music   MODERN LOVE

'Hills' vs 'Anna Karenina' 


- oh boy, here comes a long one...

I'm troubled... I'm perturbed... Watching 'Hills' last night on MTV - The 'Lauren Looks Back' episode: 

I don't have to explain or reveal my motives.  My life's not a reality TV show.  I just happened to be watching 'Hills'.  A purely accidental, remote-surfing, lunar-landing, kinda thing...  And, yet, I'll admit, while watching it, I developed a soft-spot for ' LC' who began the series at 18 and is now perhaps 20-21...  I like her now.  I don't know why.  She's got 'something'... but what she's ALSO got is lousy taste in predictably good-looking, predictably-moneyed young men.  She hooks up at odd moments with anyone handsome, driving a Cadillac Escalade, BMW or Porsche, and calls it 'LOVE'!! Then weeps her eyes out when the very same dude is caught red-handed, always in some trendy public setting, ON CAMERA, kissing his 'ex' or some straggler (always a friend or roommate of hers!):  embarrassing her VERY VERY VERY publicly!  (Globally, actually)

'Lauren' suffers the consequences of  H.U.D. ('hooking-up' disappointment) more times than you've had hot dinners.  She reminds me of a female Prometheus', chained to the rock, with the eagle eating her liver daily.  Difference is, Prometheus was chained.  This girl has a driver's license, money and wheels.  Her miseries are self-generated, repetitive and unrelenting.  Let's face it; she's unlucky in love and if she keeps this up, she'll be UNLUCKY IN LIFE!!!   So...trying to get practical and 'knuckle down' Lauren starts talking to and taking the advice of her Teen Vogue mentor - a steely-faced, wrinkle-defeating, 40-something, stony-serious career bitch, who (if you were smart!) you'd rather take a bullet in the face than emulate.  Through this shining human cipher, Lauren tries to focus on a compelling and oh so promising career in fashion.  But clearly, her hormones won't let her make such wise modern, practical, clued-in choices, cause she f*cks that up too.

Now come the troubling comparisons: Before I turned to 'HILLS', I'd been watching PART 1 of the 1967 Russian film version of Tolstoy's epic novel 'ANNA KARENINA'.   In that great novel (and film) Tolstoy explores and describes in bitter, throbbing, impossibly aching detail - the pinnacle of obsessed Love + Passion as pure Tragedy.  

ANNA KARENINA and COUNT VRONSKY are IN love and screaming '"I WOULD DIE FOR YOU!" and have eyes for absolutely NO ONE else.   They want THIS Love object and THIS love object alone - for eternity.  Unfortunately, eternity doesn't last that long and the collapse of the passion and loss of the love kill Anna K in the end...  but my oh my.. what an end.  Beats wondering if Jason or Spencer or Tony or BRODY! were still 'thinking' about you (these guys don't 'think') or had 'moved on' or 'gone back' to Veronica or Charlene or Jessica... and did Heidi sleep with him????   It's worse than the desperate, embarrassing, 'singleton' mishaps of Bridget Jones and Sex & The CIty - because, so far... 'Hills' doesn't have a happy or passionate ending!  (it doesn't have a happy or passionate MIDDLE!)  There seems to be NO POINT to the torture and no reward in sight!!!! 

Really and oh so really... nothing really changes.


Sat 9 August  2008  MGCK Music   PURE AIR

Yesterday was the significant MONEY NUMBERED lucky day 08/08/08.  Some people were in Beijing watching the opening of the Olympics (questionable politically) and other, more enlightened beings were here in San Francisco @ The Grand Ballroom watching The National AIR GUITAR Finals!  The best AIR in America!!  I was one of those lucky and enlightened beings.  And it was a HOOT!  When I get the video sorted out, I'll post it here.  Actually, this clip was the most 'perfect' clip, even if I can't remember this guy's name or city of origin.  But for me, he captures the organic, 'no guts no glory' Spirit of 'Air-ness'.


[actually - He calls himself 'STRYKER' and he's from Denver or Detroit????.  'Hot LIxx Hoolihan' won, but I wasn't entirely impressed with his early performance - although I'm sold on his winning bid: doing a backflip onto a blow-up baby whale.]


Wed 6 August  2008  MGCK Music    Battle of Opinions on YouTube

That Gay Pride video I posted to YouTube really created a sh*tstorm of opinions going back and forth.  Particularly between a dude called GLOBAL GRINGO and a woman called LISA. Some of the interchange is just plain ugly and other parts are just plain FUNNY.

Lisa's best comment to date: ""You dare to call ME a moron when you can't spell "ridiculous", don't know that Africa is a continent, can't look up letters in your own congressional archive, and ignore cited scientific studies in favor of your own prejudicial statements. Really? You argue the same ignorant points over and over (I was going to say like a man, but I guess it's like a STUPID MAN). I actually RAISE my children. I discuss issues with them that I want them to learn about. It's called PARENTING. You should try it. ""

Go LISA!!!  It's just great stuff.  You can find it at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EipeElt9jVY


Tonight - they can't ALL be sunny sunsets. 

The mood shifts as the marine layer sets in along the Northern California coast.


Fri 1 August  2008  MGCK Music    Total Eclipse of the Sun!

from Novosibirsk (where else?)


Art is the most beautiful of all lies.
Claude Debussy
more Famous Quotes

I was listening to "Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune" this morning.  Claude Debussy ROCKS!!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST... we say farewell to the setting sun - last night of July and only hours before the TOTAL ECLIPSE of this same sun, on 1 August - which will be visible on another continent much further North and West of here.

I desperately want to sail on one of these cargo ships that depart San Francisco Bay every evening under the Golden Gate Bridge and head out across the vast Pacific - escorted in the fading light by flocks of pelicans

Debussy said, '"Art is the most beautiful of all lies", but in truth, I think Nature is better.

[photos © Electra, 'Land's End' in Lincoln Park, San Francisco, 31 July 08]


And as with every new month... I'll be retiring an 'old' month.. Probably JULY 2005 - Weird Attractors..... 


If you're looking for LAST MONTH's heavens and hells -  go to: Jul-Jun-May-Apr 08 -california dreaming

Still smokin'!!!! 


  BE THERE...... or BE SOMEWHERE ELSE!  If you don't know how.. take lessons


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