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Summer's Gone... but not forgotten!!!!

Cut to June, July and AUGUST 2006

Sun 28 Aug 2006  -  MGCK Music  " 'round 'round git around I get around..."?

Have you ever woken up in a strange bed?? In a strange room?? In a strange place??? With a strange person??? Why of COURSE you have... this is the last day of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!  You must have romped and stomped a bit around the town.. and woken bleary eyed in someone else's crib!  That's what it's all about.  Gittin' around.

Some of the best titles on the Fringe: "I Miss Communism", "Carbon Fever: Armageddon is Such a Bitch", "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change!", "My Brother and I Are Porn Stars", "Vocation of A Whore" and the much vaunted, 'We Don't Know Shi'ite!

Fri 25 Aug 2006  -  MGCK Music  " Here we are... coming up for the end run!'"

The LAST weekend of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival... Everybody up from London.. and I mean EVERYBODY!! Agents, artists, comics, pickpockets, Special Branch.. evvybody..  We have had the BEST time this last week sitting in a market stall off the High Street by St Giles.. wearing MGCK Music hats and selling stuff!!!!  Our gig at Venue C3 High Street.  The whole world passes before your eyes, including MIchael Winner and, yesterday, Brian Hutton of ALTRES!! Also crashed into Dmitri Martin, studiously toting his notepad.  

The other night crawled over to George Square to ogle DOUG STANHOPE.  Can't re-interpret or quote his masterfully debauched clarity about the state of the world and where the great big greasy 'they' want us in it.. i.e. office cubicles, staring at computer screen, squaring Pi and alphabeticising some shite from dusk til dawn.  Doug is one decidedly 'unfunny' funny guy who sees it as it is.  Farewell to freedom, mon ami.  They want us all 'productive' and quiet about it, so balance your medication.  One of his best lines about 'kids' today: '"Used to be it was the old people who were tame and complained about how messed up, alternative, wild, and living on the edge the younger generation was.  NOW.. it's the OLD people who are messed up, wild, alternative and living on the edge, while the kids think being 'wild' is having a vodka 'n red-bull and going out to the patio to smoke!"""  He got that right.  

Roll on the last three days of this weekend and this WONDERFUL flippin' summer we've been having.  Actually, that begs the question.. how are we going to keep the 'endless summer' going... answer: ROAD TRIP.. head west ladies and gentlemen... head west.. I leave you with a photo of Muldoon and Denise Dihatsu (the Brazilian heiress) in New York.  He's a wild old guy who knows how to have fun.  Bye 'n luv

Sat 19 Aug 2006  -  MGCK Music  " So I thought...'fuck it! fuck it!'"."

A week of roaming about the Festival.. LOTSA comedy... The Laughing Horse, Comic Irrigation, The Stand, RICH HALL!!  Oh man.. Rich Hall, the hurricane namer.  He was GREAT last night, but aside from the big names, the long-term professionals who have scaled the comedy mountain to reside at the top, there's a lot of talent out there.  Comic Irrigation at the ZOO on Nicholson Street, compby red by the marvelous Wanda Keenan (who sang happy birthday to me with the entire audience!) is well-attended and 'funny' every single night.  One comedienne in particular has stood head and shoulders talent-wise above the others again and again: Maureen Younger, with her peach of a delivery on 'fuck it.. fuck it'... Great stuff and just one more week to go.  Have seen/heard no music in this festival but have seen a LOT of Giulianos restaurant as they are open til 5am every night.

Mon 16 Aug 2006  -  MGCK Music  " So you think you're CORRUPT!!!.."

We saw Heat 6 of the 'So You Think You're Funny!" competition last night, brilliantly compby red by a great big giant of a man; Craig David? Greg David? Greg Davies, Davis??? (oh someone will know...) and torturously experienced by 8 contestants for the title of 'Funniest', to be decided in the Finals next week.

The shocking result of the 'judge's selection': i.e. a be-suited and be-styled dweeb whose name I don't remember.  Who's jokes I don't remember.  Whose 'act' I don't remember.  I remember nothing about this contestant apart from his yucchy slicked hair and whey-coloured pinched little nothing of a face.  But.. at the end we saw the spider herself; the Queen of the Gilded Balloon... She came to the stage with the 'winner's' name in her hot fat pudgy paw...  and we realised.. it was all a fix.

There were funny people there.. Hope Eternal, Dave Howarth, Paul F Taylor.. and the Scottish Guy: Scotty Domhallach, who came on last.  They were genuinely funny.. but the dweeb?  With his crib notes scrawled on the back of his hand!!!??? Shows you what palming a little cash in the right direction can do.

Mon 7 Aug 2006  -  MGCK Music  " some people dream of success.."

Then they wake up in Argyll... One of the most beautiful places on the planet and the site of the Elemental Arts Festival in Ardfern.  We had a ROckin' weekend and the bands were treated like royalty.  Great groovy sounds cascading down the sea loch... as one man said to Electra on Sunday morning.. 'I heard you last night... the music and your voice out over the water... it was amazing.."  And it was.  A weekend we wished would never end.  Makes me ponder life...  it's all amazing; brutal, kind, enlightening, awe-inspiring, tremendously beautiful, frightening, intriguing and sometimes just plain AWESOME.  This has been a jolly good summer, people... and now we've got the Edinburgh Festival to saturate ourselves in... photo of Joe & Brian of ALTRES, w/ Electra by Lynn Guthrie

Wed 2 Aug 2006  -  MGCK Music  Back....after the lost month of July... in Spain...

  So... you think all we do is sit around having a good time?? Well.. my friend, if you think that you would be abso-fuckin-lutely correct!  We have sat around having a good time for the last 6 weeks and therefore don't have much to report except... the Elemental Arts Festival in Argyll this weekend: On the bill on Saturday 5 August LAST GREAT WILDERNESS & ALTRES w/special guest ELECTRA.  Be there or be square, 


JUNE 2006  - Real Summer and Festival Fun

Tues 20 June @  Home MGCK Music   Being a real fan of the 'Harold Hardrada' school of Time Management - we've done it again.. planned another trip.. another journey without any preparation or thought to other appointments.  Next week, the staff of the Unoffishal Page will be off to Catalunya (where we've spent many a fine summer in our lives) and then for a spin North to Rennes Le Chateau and Peche Merle.  Not because of the Da Vinci Code or Graham Hancock's newest book 'SUPERNATURE' do we visit these hallowed sites but 1) in honour of my friend George Frazier (ex-head of the Knights Templars) who used to drag me around Rosslyn Chapel years ago taking measurements and divining the location of the true grail.. and the cave paintings??.. well that's an obsession of JM's since childhood.  A pilgrimage to shamanic moments.  Last weekend was A pilgrimage to DOWNLOAD and the quest for shamanic music, next will be a pilgrimage in search of the true grail and our ancestors spirits.

For anyone who might be interested, negotiations for the deal with TWELFTH NIGHT and Cyclops Records to license tracks that Electra co-wrote and sang on way-back-when, at the band's bare beginnings, have fallen through and it is UNLIKELY (at this time) that the next TWELFTH NIGHT 'Voices in the Night' album will contain any of the original ELECTRA Tape material.  Sad but true.  

(Notes on the weekend.. Electra had laryngitis from a flu-bug caught off 'someboddy' at DOWNLOAD and it rained.. so Altres only managed to put in a 60 minute set.  A good few hours short of their normal afternoon set.)

Sun 18 June: BAXTER PARK in DUNDEE: ALTRES w/guest vocalist Electra... 2pm

9,10,11 June @  Castle Donnington MGCK Music   More double bass drums than you can shake a stick at!!

 1) Was it a rip off? ("by 4 for a large Mr Softee '99'!?!") Yes

2) Are Some people complaining about it?  Yes

3) Did some people just love it?  Yes

4) Was it a corporate money-spinning enterprise (CLE*RCH*NNEL!) designed to use the old bands (Metallica, Guns N Roses) to lure in listeners to the new bands (Trivium (SHITE!!) Bullets for My Valentine (MORE SHITE!!!) and Funeral for a Friend (The MOST SHITE OF ALL!!!!) on the money spinning heavy metal conveyor belt?  Yes

5) Did they finish the Festival with Guns 'n Roses (new line-up.. and musicians to DIE for.. shows you what money can buy in LA) who couldn't even, like, play a set from one end to the other without 'Axl' having a 'techy' tantrum and storming off stage? Twice?? (but all is forgiven.. he came back on and played like hell for 2 hours) Yes.

6) Was there a riot?  Yes.  But nothing like the night at Nottingham's Rock City when Ozzy did NOT play.

7) Was it a weird wacky and fun way to forget the worries of the world for 3 days?  Yes, indeed.

8) Is that a sinful waste of intellect and energy on a troubled planet????  Yes

So.. Yes on all counts.  

Notes from the event

Download Festival Phots

All photographs by 2006 Electra

Pre Festival: Train from Stansted to Leicester: met a football hooligan who'd been arrested on his way to Germany and held all night in the cells.  He sported a flashy black eye and handsome boyish grin and was good-naturedly and amiably wending his way back to Wolverhampton .. sipping Boddington's Cream.

"At what point am I supposed to be having fun?" 

overheard from a guy talking to his girlfriend, carrying 2 crates of beer, a tent and a back-pack, on his way to the campsite.

careless.jpg (282035 bytes)

fat_three.jpg (205994 bytes)

"It's a gorgeous and good-natured beautiful event.  A bacchanalian weekend, where everything (except violence!) goes.  Music, sex, drugs, football - even BARE MEN's BUMS and Rock n Roll." 

Notes on Day 1 Fri:

In the MySpace tent: CATHEDRAL ((previously managed by Paul Loasby.. ah yes.. the great DEAD EASY ex-manager)) play good old-fashioned Heavy Metal (and steal some stonkingly obvious riffs from past stars!!!)

TOOL: ON the MAINSTAGE, play truly modern metal.  Almost scientific, PhD-fueled northern California nano-technology metal.

chubby arse.jpg (184768 bytes)

general patton.jpg (200017 bytes)

strippers.jpg (207480 bytes)

Notes on Day 2 Sat:

3PM: England 1 - Paraguay 0.  ALICE IN CHAINS: I was so looking forward to them, then I found out THE SINGER DIED YEARS AGO!!! I wondered why they sounded slightly different, I must be the last to know.  They weren't bad.. they just weren't PERFECT.  STONE SOUR next and they were HOT.. followed by KORN who were HOTTER (with a backing band.. i.e.. 2 bands!!! 2 of everything. 

and then who the hell thought of putting TRIVIUM on??  What dickwit thought of that?  A poor man's NEVER-to-be-METALLICA.. I guess it's the conveyor belt of selling you something new.. the next 'big thing'.. but believe me TRIVIUM will NOT BE IT.. forget the pretenders.. 

hell hath no fury.jpg (294703 bytes)

"It's when you get to a Festival like this, you realise, the work energy and STYLE that goes into it. KILLING JOKE was on in the other tent.  Didn't TWELFTH NIGHT support them once???? or was that TEARDROP EXPLODES?"

"It's full circle in a really good way for me.  Ozzfest '99 to Download 2006 tells me it's all been done to death, but is still spinning money from the grave.. a long strange trip in the last 7 years.. 7 Human Years equals ONE DOG YEAR!"

let's get to the KINGS:

 METALLICA... not quite the METALLICA I remember (and I knew them up close) but still James Hetfield, apart from his obsession with killing things.. is a great and groovy frontman.

kilt man.jpg (164752 bytes)

tattoo u 2.jpg (161459 bytes)

Notes on Day 3 Sun:

"Performing is a sport and to be 'match fit' is difficult - hard work and unique energy."

3PM: LACUNA COIL.. liked them VERY much.. musical. CRADLE OF FILTH.. another ex-Paul Loasby special.. another British Metal band.. oK.. alright actually...BULLETS FOR MY VALENTINE: forgettable and FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND.. even WORSE!!!  LORDI over in the MySpace tent.. a HUGE crowd fanned out of the tent across the normally open spaces around the entertainments arcade.  You could barely get close enough to see a leathery wing. 

entertainment.jpg (251285 bytes)

tattoo u.jpg (257158 bytes)

"GUNS N ROSES took to the stage 15 minutes early... from the top of the grassy (now dusty) knoll I could see across to the KERRANG tent far in the distance... a dust-cloud rising.. then it hit me.. PRODIGY were in that tent and a few thousand people were rocking and bopping and madly moshing and dancing their guts out.. promptly at 20:30 that gig ended and the dusty phallanx of thousands curled it's way back along the 'walking one way system'  towards the main arena area.. i.e. the WHOLE HILLSIDE... the place was PACKED all the way to the entry gate by the time Axl said, 'Hello'" 

Finishing off with a HOT Axl Rose and a HOTTER GUNS N ROSES who delivered every time they took to the stage.. but had a coupla absences that made the natives restless.. 

 In all it was a gas... 

no idea.jpg (122644 bytes)

But, really, like the man says, 'I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT's GOING ON''.

My favourite three lads and, if you look carefully.... one face down on the ground (wearing camouflage)

the final feet

and the final trio - strolling up and down outside the VIP Campsite.

Sun 4 June: LEITH FM 87.7 10-12pm HOPE ETERNAL presents 'MIND THE CRACK' w/ special guests 'Foxy Lady' (aka Electra), 'Lazy Hand' (aka Lazy Hand), 'Vladimir McTavish' (aka Bob Dooolally!) and 'Marjorie (Can't Give It Away!)'

Sat 3 Jun - Upstairs @ OPIUM in the Cowgate, EdinburghMY ELECTRIC LOVE AFFAIR, THE WILDHOUSE, SHOCK AND AWE and maybe ELECTRA.. but in the last minute she might be doing a 'Roz'.. i.e. having some trouble 'gettin' there. but it should be a GREAT gig.. M.E.L.A. are Magnificent and WILDHOUSE pull out all the stops..

Thought for the day: "Economists have always failed to take the environment seriously." Seri Turtles @ hotmail.com

If you're looking for last month's stuff (I Have NO Memory of what happened in May 2006)": go to Last month's blog: May 2006

Still smokin'!!!!


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