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Electra song 'JONNY CASH' is (oh my GOSH!) currently number TWO!!!!!in the competition to be Radio Six Int'l Song of the YEAR 2005!!!!*****Never the Bride are NUMBER ONE!  Effing Heck!  Didn't you people vote for Electra or not????  Anyway... it's over now... it was nice while it lasted from 17-23 December.  Jonny Cash was Number one for Six Days.  visit www.radiosix.com 

** DECEMBER 2005 to JANVAR 2006**(and where is Jonny California???)

*Howl like a Wolf!! on New Year's Eve!!!*

Suggestions for groovy ways to spend the last hour between here, there and beyond??? If you can't get to Siberia, and you happen to be in Edinburgh!!! try DOGMA @ Studio 24 on Calton Road.. the LAST DOGMA EVER (apparently) and it should rock the joint to pieces.. they won't even have to take away the license... OR.. try GIG on Lothian Road.. or, and this is my personal favourite... the LEITHFM Open House in the Studio @ the Dockers Club on Academy Street in Leith.. be there around midnight...the doors are open!


Next on the agenda: New Year's Eve.... but where????? How 'bout Siberia with snow falling all around ... some champagne.. some caviar...some 'pure water' (vodka)... a sable coat, a fire and some of Yuri's music.

30 Dec 05 Fri MGCK Music  "Last Night's Playlist LEITHFM Electra's 'Unsigned Hour'

1) Delta Mainline: 'Beautiful Sunshine EP' track 2 (name?)

2) Tommy MacKay: '666 Great Junction Street'

3) Transmit This: 'This Is Not A Drill' (vocals Electra)

4) The Acute: 'A Moment's Brightness'

5) Sans Trauma: 'Rollergirl' 

6) Black Medicine: ''Heaven Spent'

7) Tommy MacKay: 'Beyonce Is My Fiancee' from 666 Great Junction Street

8) Shock And Awe: 'Wasted In The Park'

9) Shock And Awe: 'Feel Like Shite!'

10) The Makos: 'Out of Phase'

11) The Mandrakes: 'The Camel Tree'

12) The Makos: 'British Cokehead'

13) Fuck-Off Machete: 'Warm Electricity'

14) Jimmy Miller: 'Walls'' (unmixed track) others tracks from ALL GONE TOMORROW on www.myspace.com/jimmymilleredinburgh

15) Disciples of Panic Earth: 'Track 1 

16) DUKE69: no track list (unmarked CD)


Today 28 Dec. Last Night: First a coupla drinks downstairs in the sunny Dockers Club with the LeithFM 'DriveTime' crew, Rowan Campbell, Gary Pyecroft.. the man who puts the 'Why? in Pye'!! and also plays bass for THE LORDS OF BASTARD! followed by a two-hour stint with Andy Garibaldi, Mr Dead Earnest, bringing us music from the Dundee scene. 

Electra's 'UNSIGNED' LeithFM Playlist is as follows: 'Medicine Man'  REDMAN, 'Scavenger' SAZ, 'Lady of Rage' SAME DIFFERENTS, 'Aeroplane' STARVATION BOX, 'Oceans' BLOW UP HOLLYWOOD, 'Stare At The Floor' SANS TRAUMA, 'I Am Your Leader' THE RISE, 'Dirty Fun' DEAD EASY, 'Ficca' WILDHOUSE, 'Alright' ISIS, 'Sometimes' LORDS OF BASTARD, 'Being Ghost-less' SINDOLOR, 'Bellis Coldwine' LEATHER ZOO, 'Crossroads' (our only cover of the night) MR SPIDER, 'Better Change' DEAD EASY, 'Reality' TOBIAS, 'Take What You Want And Leave' WHITE LIGHT, 'Primordial Soup' JIMMY MILLER, 'Gotta Get A Grip' SAZ, 'American Pornography' LAST GREAT WILDERNESS, 'Quiet Life' JIMMY MILLER.

Thanks to everyone who participated and thanks to the musicians who make the sounds that make great radio shows possible.

27  Dec 05 Tues MGCK Music  "LEITHFM 87.7.  Electra's Unsigned hour tonight 8-10pm

Special guest tonight is Mr Dead Earnest, Andy Garibaldi from the DEAD EARNEST Record Label in sunny Dundee.  Listen in if you can for two hours of unsigned tracks you probably won't hear anywhere else...

23 Dec 05 Fri MGCK Music  "Last Night's Playlist LEITHFM Electra's 'Unsigned Hour'

1) Attic Lights: 'Late Night Sunshine'

2) The Truth Rockets: 'She Might Be A Vampire

3) Super8: 'Icarus'

4) Delta Mainline: 'Beautiful Sunshine'

5) The Paranoid Monkeys: 'All Going Wrong'

6) Black Medicine: Third Track (sorry.. lost track listing and no track titles on CD!)

7) Sans Trauma: 'Give In To Win

8) Last Great Wilderness: 'American Pornography'

9) Jimmy Miller: 'Quiet Life' from ALL GONE TOMORROW (listen to ALL GONE TOMORROW music at www.myspace.com/jimmymilleredinburgh

10) Lee Graham: 'Indecision'

11) Taxi w/vox by JENNY: 'Here I Go Again'


Next Tuesday 27 Dec 2005: Electra will host a 2-hour Unsigned Hour from 8-10pm with special Guest Andy Garibaldi from Dundee's DEAD EARNEST Record Label.


Comments from last night's show: Jenny the Unsigned Vocalist from down 'souf' with German Electronic duo TAXI, received the greatest response from listeners for the song HERE I GO AGAIN!.  Jimmy Miller described it as an AMAZING track.  Have to admit, it was my favourite of the set..  Can't wait to hear the album which comes out in March 2006.  Must apologise, but we do not have a TAXI website address, but know they're kind of well-placed in the scheme of things.  Have had several albums out and also provide music for film soundtracks and advertising.

SANS TRAUMA @ The Bongo Club, Edinburgh 18 Dec 05

17 Dec 05 Sat MGCK Music  "ROCK n ROLL or WHAT!!!!!!!!!" [photosby 2005 Robbie Martin]

Last night the Sensational Alex Harvey Band rocked Glasgow's Garage.  The swansong of a 29-date tour, ending in their hometown (a final homage to Alex), with a venue packed to the rafters... You know it's a recipe for a GREAT GIG!

There were all the young 'fringe-pasted-to-the-forehead' dudes hanging 'round, come to watch the Old Masters and there were punters who queued for tickets in '72.  There were people from Sweden and Canada and every one of them sang the words to every song. The pre-band intro, The Shamen's version of 'FAITH HEALER': a 'Rockno' blitz of heavy guitars and Shamanistic techno-logy, bled against a backdrop screen of Brazilian jungle scenes morphing into gig nights.  Apparently, Max Maxwell spent a spiritual sabbatical  in the Amazon, living with the indigents; taking that mysterious hallucinogen Ayahuasca (sp?) before getting this gig.  The trip prepped him well for the larger than life role and yes, he 'almost' fills Alex's boots.  He's definitely the man for the job.  As good as they'll get.

The rhythm section, Chris Glen astonishingly liquid and heavy on bass and Ted McKenna astonishingly solid and fast-as-F*CK on drums (and by the way for all you single bass-drum fannies out there.. this 'old' geezer kicks a double bass drum and kicks it WELLLLLLLL).  The drum solo we begged for, left us begging for more.  Alongside Zal Cleminson (who we'll get to in a moment) they played an immaculate and innovative 2-hour set.  At times with the grinding Art-Metal groove that would give TOOL a run for their money.  How do they play so well? How old ARE these guys?  Age has not withered.  (I'm writing a lot about them, 'cuz I am now one of the converted. I saw them in Edinburgh a month ago and it was nothing like last night.  Last night SHOCKED me into complete fanatical servitude to their skills.) One of the founding fathers from Alabama 3, the Reverend D. Wayne Love AKA Jake Black fi' Pollock, joined them for 2 numbers.  This kinda pissed off JM who used to drop acid with Reverend LURVE in the back gardens of Brixton... and thinks it should be HIM, not Jake, fronting the band for the guest spots.

Now to Zal Cleminson:

Zal Cleminson played his guitar like a man on acid pleasuring himself before a beloved idol. His passion for his instrument evident in his every stroke and grimace.  His astonishing attention to every detail to achieve the maximum pleasure from handling it.  His face as alive as his fingers.  His ability last night was staggering.  The fretwork.. the SOUNDS!... the things he did with that guitar.  It was a touch of Hendrix come to Earth for an hour or two.  It seemed all things merged into the crucible of his desire to play.   Did I forget someone?  The quiet man of the troop? Hugh McKenna on keys?  Never a bum note.  Give my compliments to the chef.

So.. This was the Alex Harvey Band.   But they were Sensational.


16 Dec 05 Fri MGCK Music  "Good Day at the office!"

MGCK MUSIC is now proud and pleased to announce it's affiliation with RENEGADE RAYDIO. Visit our weblinked shop, currently under construction, but soon... UP and RUNNING!!!!!!!! thanks to the yanks!

13 Dec 05 Tues MGCK Music  "Bad Day at Black Rock..."

bad night at the Post Office.. but that's another story.  We shall return for more self-inflicted torments in January with ALTRES and WILDHOUSE to share the pain.. nothing like passing it around.

And finally... Band of Rain.. yes.. the CD>. I got it in the post.  Have yet to listen.. but the cover's nice.

Pleasant drink this evening at The Filmhouse with Rosie Bell. Beer balm for all the wounds. Plans for the New Year... 

Sun 11 Dec 05 @ The Post Office - Electra, Isis, White Noise and Rachel Anderson.

Visit DEEP SIX @ www.myspace.com/deepsixxxxxx

And tell us what you think of the tune: deepsix@mgck.co.uk (if you like it we might actually work on it!!!)

9 Dec 05 Fri MGCK Music  "So... I think they've forgotten ME!???"

Actually bought this 'Band of Rain' CD from Rubbish Records dot co dot uk. (liked the cover.)

And have not received it yet!!!!! Hmmmmm

Last night... LEATHER ZOO at Studio 24, fresh from their Discover Dundee gig @ The Post Office in Broughty Ferry.  The far north may have been kinder to them, but they battled uphill all the way in Edinburgh... an intoxicated Bass player, who I'm sure really CAN play.. a frontwoman (Mel) with great legs beneath a micro leather pelmet covering the other bits, a serious drummer and a guitarist who was trying to keep it all together.  Mel had the best comeback line to a guy hassling her from the back.  She was offering CD's for sale and he said, 'Do you take credit cards???' She answered, 'only if you swipe it between my bum cheeks.'  .. that kinda left him speechless.  Musically.. last two numbers were best.. and the bassist was STILL drinking!!!  Check them out and if they come 'round again.. see them..

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT: SAVE STUDIO 24 - The confused powers that be, are trying to take away their license.  This is one of the last 'real' venues in Edinburgh.  Visit www.savestudio24.com  and find out how you can help.

Also last night....another bloody important point...the Mighty SHOCK and AWE!!! handed me their new CD.. 'School for Scoundrels'.. I love the lyrics and the titles like "Sights Set Low'.  Check 'em out. www.myspace.com/shockandawemusic

Here's a tip: LEATHER ZOO - @ Studio 24, Edinburgh 8 Dec 05

Quote of the day from San Francisco: "Tenacity wills out , vulgarity never dies and the sperm count continues to plummet.  Just do what you do best and do it well.  Time will tell."  V.  

6 Dec 05 Tues MGCK Music  "So... you thought I'd forgotten you???"

As I write this page.. 'JONNY CASH' is third in line for SONG OF THE YEAR at www.radiosix.com  SO

*****Want to do a good thing?!  Send an email to votes@radiosix.com with the subject line VOTE and in the body of the text just write: Song: Jonny Cash, Artist: Electra, then your name and address and press SEND.  Cut off date is 23 December 2005.

Radio Six are run by BBC folk, so they will not abuse your details, and/or send you porn.. which maybe you really want.

  This page is no longer in any particular order.  Linearity is so September 10th... particularly after seeing the new FLASH 8 package.



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