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AUGUST 2005 - Here's to the Open Road..."and the Edinburgh Festival!!!"

1 August MGCK Music  Welcome to August fellow Leos 

July was a heck of a month, but August has The EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL.. an endless supply of alternate diversions and thought-provoking (and even some thought-BUSTING!) events!  I'm taking FiFI J to see 'Puppetry of the Penis' on Thursday.. now that's what I call Entertainment!

6 August LA Times Review of SYSTEM OF A DOWN and MARS VOLTA @ the Long Beach Arena, Southern Cal.

9 August Tues MGCK Music  Last night like Diogenes with his lamp.. searching searching searching..

Went in search of MUSIC during the festival.. Tried the Left Bank Open Mic.. which seemed to be closed although there was an 'acoustic showcase' going on in a room upstairs.  I'd rather eat my own head than have to sit through an acoustic showcase, so went to Bannerman's which was packed and paid my by 4 to enter the pit having no idea who was playing.  The girl at the door listed bands I could contribute my spending power to.. I opted for 'Guantanamo Bay' having seen the name on a flyer.. I  walked in and, good timing, they were on stage!!   A standard raunch-grunge loosely-edged heavy-riffed girl-singered indie-three-piece (ad reads: we need a bass player who RAWKS!) And they weren't bad and they weren't good and it was ok to sit through a few numbers and the Underworld was WARM.. which beat freezing my ass off walking through the Cowgate.  Yeah.. they were OK.. and then they came to their last number.. 'Burn Me Burn You'.. and it was powerful.. so powerful that I sang the hook walking all the way back up the street to the Left Bank to see if the Open Mic was.. uh.. OPEN.. but it was still closed.. so back to Bannerman's and the next band.. 'Lords oF Bastard'.. another standard Pantera-esque throat-scream, raunch-rawked, gnat's-arse-tight drums bass guitar 3-piece. But it was a little bit like.. does it matter? BUT OF COURSE IT DOES!!!!!  It's new!  It's inspired! It's the ANGRY YOUNG MEN!!!!The best bits were the bass-player's odd one-liners between songs and his accent (Irish?). 

I guess music is in a cul-de-sac or a time warp.. but obviously it's one that's pleasant to the listener as the place was not empty.  Saw a guy with great fire-engine dyed red hair and goatee.. the crowd was more interesting than the bands.. but only just.

11 August Thurs MGCK Music  More cul-de-sac time-warp rock n' roll - but not bad at all..

TONIGHTPUPPETRY OF THE PENIS at the Gilded Balloon - the ancient art of Australian foreskin origami.  (Just a shameless excuse to see a coupla guys get their kecks off.)

 Last night @ Bannerman's.  Ran into Etrangere (Andy 'mad dog' Macfarlane and Susan 'wench-babe' Squires) had a chat and a pint and then willingly entered the Time Warp.. through those doors of the Underworld last night we went back say... 18.. maybe 20 maybe 20+ years.. to a moment when Judas Priest were going platinum in LA and Iron Maiden were the biggest thing since.. well.. since Iron Maiden!  The first band.. ..Firebrand Super Rock should change their name to 'Not Iron Maiden'.. or probably more fitting 'Not Lita Ford'.  But they were OK. They were good.. The frontwoman (sorry name unknown) growled and screamed in all the right places and hit all the right notes and it's good to see a female in front of a band that's not mincing around and doing that boring girly "I'm so pretty" 'pop' thing or that boring 'singer-songwriter' girly wanky thing.  She delivered the goods in a solid ballsy well-into-it manner... but (and it's a BIG BUT {or a beer gut}) they had no real 'tunes'.. the thing about 60's Rock.. 70's Rock.. 80's rock.. 90's Rock.. grunge-rock.. alt-rock.. indi-rock.. nu-rock!.. Even art-rockers like TOOL or MARS VOLTA for chrissake...  It's all about 'the tune' or the killer riff... the stunning memorable melody... the haunting refrain... the lyrics... the HOOK.. there was always a hook.. something anthemic and BIG..  so.. no... nothing memorable.. (actually.. the most memorable thing about the lead singer was hearing her correct her friend after the gig who, a little drunk, was draped around her whining, 'Will you remember me when you're a big pop star?' and the singer replied in an affronted tone, 'it's Rock Star.. when I 'm a big ROck Star..'  the friend gasped, 'That's what I said! when you're a big rock star!' and the singer ice-colded back.. 'No.. you said 'pop star'.. I'm gonna be a ROCK STAR not a POP STAR!!!'  So... choose your words carefully.. a single phrase can end a friendship.) 

Next.. MAGDALENE.. .. if I had 5 thumbs.. they'd get 5 thumbs up! A vocalist/bass-player led 3-piece...(with his mic tilted a la Lemmy)... who WERE (ARE???) MEMORABLE.. They RAWKED.. they had TUNES.. they had a GREAT VIBE... they had HOOKS! and they were f*ckin' CUTE!!! oh yes.. they score a big 9, or maybe an E-L-E-V-E-N on the richter scale.  I don't know what 10 is in a club like Bannerman's but they almost hit it.  Actually, I do know what 10 is.. while the bands were changing over for the last act - Lord Bishop - the soundman played one of my favourite UNSIGNED TRACKS of ALL TIME.. 'AMERICAN PORNOGRAPHY!' by Last Great Wilderness.  That track is a 10.  It sounded amazing and I thought.. Lawrence.. get your finger out.. you guys could be HUGE..  anyway... LORD BISHOP (a fellow New Yawker 'from Rockland County!') hit the stage and rawked and rolled and Souled us with a little sexed up Jimi H meets James Brown-esque funkadelica...(I did a review of their track 'Nice Ass'? last year) it was a good sweaty boogie with a rock-hard heart.. Yeah.. tight band.. I'd see them again.  So.. that was my night.. well.. not quite.. on the way home stopped in at the Q Bar...said hello to Taylor... met his brother.. a very nice guy.. ran into Donna ('waif babe') ex-Nicotene Fingers frontwoman who has a new guy in her life.. a guitarist.. and looks GREAT, happy, tan..  also ran into George.. LeithFM techy who was doing a set at the Open Mic.. We stayed on and shot the breeze until the late license was about to expire and then walked all the way home. In case you've forgotten what Taylor looks like.. here he is again!taylor.jpg (69925 bytes) [PS.. I have no permission to post this photograph.  He may sue!]

12 August Fri MGCK Music  You WILL be AMAZED!!! ""But where are the puppets??""

I can confirm here that no entertainment compares with men shaking their willies in your face and making sea anemones, baby kangaroos, famous landmarks, wind-surfers, bulldogs, Eiffel Towers, Einstein's brain!, KFC chicken nuggets and Big Mac's out of their genitalia; all these marvels magnified onto a giant screen for closer scrutiny and increased amazement.  Puppetry of the Penis was hysterically funny.  My friend Fifi J wrote to a colleague at work (a man!) who'd been to see the show earlier in the week.  She asked him if he'd tried to recreate any of the scrotal twists and turns he'd witnessed.  His reply: "does a bear shit in the woods?"  Her theory is that the men who've seen the show will, indeed, go home and attempt the nearly unattemptable and once they've cracked it, pass this lore down to their sons and maybe even their daughters too!! This could change western mating rituals: "I can make Arthur's Seat out of mine!"

On the way home down the High Street walking past Albachan (is that the name of that pub?) realised my friend and now Studio owner, Dugald Brough, would be inside playing an acoustic set.  No time to stop and drink and listen and be amazed.. had to get Fifi to a train headed west.. but in all we had a great night on the Fringe.. and dinner at Black Bo's. try the Banana and chick-pea curry crepes... you WILL be AMAZED!

14 August Sun MGCK Music    "I got stoned and I missed it""

Actually.. I wasn't stoned.. but I DID miss it.  Delta Mainline at Nektar last night.  Their email said they were headlining.. I got there at 11 and they'd already played and... like smoke... were gone.  Such is life.. like buses and old men.. they all come all at once or not at all.  Maybe next time.. 

Got an Email today from Direct Hit Management who handle Sindolor in Salt Lake City.  Seems the band is doing well and the management want to thank me for playing their music on the radio in another country.  No problem.. I take a size 'small' t-shirt thanks.. so it's nice and tight.

Tonight saw 'The FORBIDDEN' @ The Holyrood Tavern.  Excellent. 4 maybe 5 stars for trying and thought-provocation.  A 'devil's advocate' play that twists all our western preconceptions, accepted mores and prescribed values back on themselves.  A cast of 3 (one startlingly powerful and large american dude playing the questioning 'advocate') lead you on a merry ideological chase.

15 August Mon MGCK Music    Why do they ask these questions so early in the morning??

The MGCK Music 'ADVICE' inbox was blinking this morning with a 'QUESTIONS' email from a musician.  This is what 'David' wrote: ""I study music. Someone told me, that as happens in many orders of life, not anybody can do certain things. For instance, not every person can attain a certain level of musicianship or a determined degree of skill with a given instrument. This has nothing to do with practice, or hard work, for it's something that exists within every human being. It's just a fact: some people are good cooking, or writing, or drawing, or with music. My question is, how do I know if I'm talented enough to have the possibility to be a good, at least decent, musician? A person told me once not to worry in the following manner: 'To pick up an instrument and being able to play it within 2 weeks, that's talent' (he was referring to my particular case). But still, how do I know if that talent is really there? How do I know if I'm not wasting my time trying to become better playing my instrument? Thanks, David""

Delta Dawn's reply

20 August Sat MGCK Music    And what did you see on The Fringe??

'Puppetry of the Penis' @ The Gilded Balloon 8:55pm, 'The Forbidden' 7:30pm The Holyrood Tavern Venue 84 - 'The Fourth Wall' at Venue 54 (C Central by the Calton Hotel on the Bridges 4:45pm), 'FourPlay' at the Hill Street Theatre, Venue 41 5.45pm - Wanted to see 'Grey Gardens' at the Filmhouse but the queue for returns was a mile long.. settled on 'BREATHE'.. an actorless theatre production using smoke, lights, mirrors and sound (breathing) at the Traverse Theatre 2b, Grindlay Street Venue 324.  Tonight to see the film 'STONED', the life of the REAL Rolling Stone - Brian Jones, at the Cameo.. wanted to see 'GRIZZLY MAN' but it was sold out both nights.. Werner Herzog takes on the life of that guy, Timothy Treadwell,  who was a surfer, speed-dealer, social fuck-up and marvelously homeless drop-out, struggling actor and sometime recovering alcoholic/drug addicted soul hanging around the fringes of Malibu for 20 years.. somewhere near the age of 40 he landed in Alaska and saw his first BIG bear... and that was it.. love at first bite.  He became one of the foremost authorities on the habits of the grizzly and at the very last, he and his girlfriend, naturalist _(can't remember her name -_ were eaten by the subjects of their admiration.  I so hope this film goes on general release.  I read the story in Vanity Fair in an airport last October.  A definite must see if only for the staggeringly beautiful Alaskan wilderness scenery and Timothy's still-crazy-after-all-these-years wild eyes.

I would recommend everything I have seen and even those things I haven't but wanted to.

Later tonight supposed to see Kenny Brady and Dot Allison at Cabaret Voltaire.. I suppose it will be acoustic in nature which means I could commit hari kari in the club vestibule rather than actually submit myself to the experience, but I will try to maintain a glazed look of appreciation throughout.  A couple of valium will help.  I would like to be surprised and find out it's NOT an acoustic night.

[PS - No Acoustic night.  Instead to see SANS TRAUMA at the Caledonian Backpackers.  Went with a load of people, many lads from Liverpool and a guy who used to manage all kinds of people way back when.  It was a good night and Chris and Dave of Sans T. said thanks to Jim for the introduction to the management dude at the Free Tibet concert.  Apparently, they are 'talking' and going ahead with recording sessions paid for by the pros.  Good news]

TOMORROW NIGHT: Sunday At the Q BAR.. Andy G (Mr Dead Earnest) is coming down from Dundee to support his protege band SAZ who support Vantage something and Shelby and somebody else...  I will be there.

21 August Sun MGCK Music    'S-T-O-N-E-D'

Whatever happened to LSD?  And trips on the Marrakesh Express???  How did it all go so far out of Vogue? when it was just so FAR OUT???!!.  The film 'STONED' directed by Stephen Woolley ('Company of Wolves').. about the life and death of Brian Jones is a killer of a deja vu.. vu-ja-dby .. deva ju.. a trip! oh man... what so many of us missed by being born too late.  The film was such a clear view on a cloudy day of how wacky and wild and ultimately deathly yet so desirable that race to hell can get.. yet I did NOT know that Frank Thorogood.. the 'builder' who'd been working on Jones' house and partaking of the lifestyle which really wasn't his style.. admitted (on his deathbed in 1993) to having drowned Brian Jones in his swimming pool on that fateful night in 1969.  The things you learn by going to the movies.. Far Out and spectacular and the actors were.. yeah.. I believed I was looking at the Rolling Stones.. and music.. before the film came on they ran half an hour of Stones' classics and then the soundtrack of the film had so many unusual covers of great Stones classics by other artists.. well made.. well done.. and if you like your rose-coloured glass psychaedelic.. you must see it.

Perhaps the person who wrote this open letter to the Kansas School system had a little acid beforehand: http://www.venganza.org/

a new religion indeed.  Count me in.

Gaz Death emailed me to say MGCK Music is his 'Website of the week'! Visit there to get here:


NOTES ON SUNDAY NIGHT AT the Q BAR:  Very much enjoyed SAZ and their tight rockin' set.  I gotta say, their secret weapon is the backing singer 'nicola?'  She rocks and rolls and appears possessed of some spirit.. the Spirit of SAZ!  

Vantage Point?  Hey mister.. Gene Simmons is dead.  Keep your tongue in your mouth! But I loved the Judas Priest 'Electric Eye' cover.. until it all fell apart.. but there rocks are in the right place.  Great solid tight drummer (reminds me of Pete Riley!) and a young guitarist with possibilities... but.. does the 21st century need a 'new' NWOBHM scene? Do we need  'new' Thrashy bands?  I lived that scene with an expert as the navigator (Ian 'Blitzkrieg' Jones) and.. yeah.. Bring back Megadeth and 'black album' Metallica.. and SLAYER!!! (none of whom ARE NWOBHM bands) but really, honestly, acutely, truly and with my hand on my black heart, I don't think the 21st Century needs 'new' Thrash metal bands.  We need Spaghetti gods and abduction by astonishingly beneficent aliens and a good clear-out.  There's a lot o' shite on this planet.  Andy G and me.. yes.. we were talking.. as we do.. and came to the conclusion.. you're no longer trying to 'spot' the talent when you go out to see live music.. you're just trying to weed out the bad ones from the bunch.  It's more like night after night of gardening and it's always a Shock when something makes an impression.. so yes.. my message to SAZ.. keep doing what you're doing.. make sure the lead vocalist has a good mic sound with some reverb on it to carry her full vocal potential and keep that other girl dancing, singing and strutting at the front.

One last observation of my own: day-jobs are destroying music..  I HATE clean-cut musicians.  I want musicians and artists to be shamanistic and half mad like they always were.. I want them to take me to a place I've never BEEN.. not back to the office!!!!!

Every band you see (not SAZ) has clean-cut guys with lots of gear.. obviously they skulk around working somewhere during the day where they have to look presentable and the money they make let's them buy the newest toys.  The band 'Shelby' who were on last night come to mind.  If you aren't doing this with your heart and soul and all your time.. get out of the way.  Music is a calling and a profession, not a part-time, convenient way to get chicks and stroke your ego and maybe get lucky.  When Ian and I would audition members for the band, we would never, not in a million months of Bloody Sabbath Sundays, entertain the slightest notion of taking on anyone who had a day-job.  For one, they're too straight. For two, they wouldn't have the time to rehearse as we had a full 5-day-a-week 8-hour-a-day rehearsal schedule.  For three, their job came first.. 'oh, I can't make it that day I'm working'.. If you can't make it that day, you probably won't make it when it counts.. so eff off outta the business and save us from all this f*ckin' 'weeding'..

LAST WEEK OF THE FRINGE MGCK Music    'Do you Think It's A Trend??? The 'S' Factor'

Speaking of devoted musicians.. I got a package from Sindolor Full logo.jpg (28911 bytes) in Salt Lake City today... their new CD.. 'Let's Take A Ride' with logo stickers and some SINDOLOR SUCKERS!!  That's right kids.. lolly-pops... Everything looks great and I'm listening to the first track, 'Guessing Game' right now and love it when the super-heavy grinding groove sets in.  Bass/drums/guitar are locked in perfect storming synch.  I didn't expect it to be THIS GOOD! The album rocks. Thank you Don.  LeithFM listeners will get an earful. Second Track.. 'Like You'... f*ckin' great.. before I write a complete review here.. I'll save it for the Listening To page  .. This needs the full treatment.

Do you think it's a trend..? I like bands with names that promise NO PAIN.. SINDOLOR  and SANS TRAUMA.

Tues 23 Aug at The Fringe to see Babooshka (The Pleasance) and The Forbidden (Holyrood Tavern).. yes again.. with friends.

Wednesday NO Fringe.. yoga and the path to spiritual enlightenment.

Thursday: that show at the Botanics: Tim Stead - With The Grain and then NEKTAR For The Yellow Cafe Legends gig with poets Gaz Death, Rodney Relax, and beat bohemian mind-f*ckers: MY ELECTRIC LOVE AFFAIR and others....

[Notes: Tim Stead - With the Grain: Fabulous show, beautiful resourceful crafting of dead wood to make living furniture.  I had the privilege of seeing the exhibit with the man who wrote the book about Tim Stead (on sale there). See the show.. it's all free and I forgot the best part.. The Botannical Gardens are GLORIOUS!

The night at NEKTAR was kind of discombobulated and no one really knew when they were going on.  I got there at 9:30 and the first sound check (MELA) was at 10.. all part of the beat-bohemian kind of night, but I didn't have the time for the incoherent pace.  Spoke with Gary Death who was going to be on sometime around midnight (he hoped) and Chris Cantwell and saw Siubhan Lorimer who does the light show for The Gay Police (and whom I have known since she was 4 years old!)... sorry to have missed that.. but sometimes.. you gotta go.  Ran into Kenny Brady in The Cowgate on his way to a birthday dinner at Black Bo's.. I recommended the Banana Chick Pea Curry Crepes.

Fri 26 Aug 5:50pm: To see Guy Pratt... 'My Bass and Other Animals'.. the man who's credit list is longer than all your arms put together.. played with everyone from Pink Floyd to Jimmy Page to Robert Palmer to Michael Jackson and Madonna and lived to tell the tale and DOES tell the tale at Smirnoff Underbelly.  http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2090-1731965,00.html

[Notes on Guy Pratt: Hysterically funny tales from life in the fastest lane.  Flying first class with Jimmy Page and waking up in a wheelchair at Heathrow, having Madonna shriek at him, 'Make me laugh, I hear you're funny!' + 'Time is Money and it's MY money!'.. David Crosby, crawling on his hands and knees through the catering tent  in his underpants at a German Rock Festival 'after spending three days in his trailer with a Colombian diplomatic pouch and a chemistry set'; Michael Jackson wanting a bass-line that sounds like 'sunlight and wild-flowers..'   He ran out of time and the audience could have stayed all night listening to him ramble through the history of Rock and play the licks we all know and love.  The lowpoint of the evening was leaving the Underbelly and re-entering a world where there are no more Rock Stars.  All we've got now is marketing.]

Monday morning 11:30am.. Call me an anarchist.. but seeing GEORGE GALLOWAY @ The Edinburgh Book Festival with Fifi J. 

Monday night 10 PM: REN-SA - Esoteric Japanese choreographic interpretation of the state of play.. you figure it out.

NOTES ON THE WEEKEND FRINGE: Saturday Night - Omid Djallili, A thought-provoking social commentator. Very funny and endearing in a strange kinda wonderful way. Sunday: The Chinese State Circus and the Shaolin Monks (do not try that unless you have their genes - they are the most remarkable physical specimens on the planet.) Followed by The Ceasar Twins & Friends @ The Assembly Rooms.. they don't have the genes so made everything the Chinese made look easy, look harder. Followed by Craig Hill, who we missed because we went to dinner instead. Fabulous French Brasserie on Frederick Street, followed by Demitri Martin, who pissed off this fellow-new-yorker with his self-indulgence.  He'd be great if he was like your brother's friend who came over on a Saturday afternoon and made you laugh while you were doing something else. But to have to sit and concentrate on him.  No. 

*MONDAY MORNING @ the Edinburgh Book FestivalThe 'Mother of All One Man Shows' - An Audience with George Galloway MP. . His first kick-ass quote from Dr Johnson: "There is no dictatorship so grim as that of the prevailing orthodoxies." and it is our duty to challenge the 'prevailing orthodoxies'.  Called Blair and Bush 'practitioners of the Black Arts'.. which they are.. and mentioned the House of Commons: "I see a shiver looking for a spine to run up."  "Too much nationalism in the world." (Something I've been saying for years.. why make your borders smaller and smaller when we should have no borders at all?)   Someone asked if we need a more secular world and he launched into a discussion of "the worship of the new God: Mammon."  'Profits over Prophets."  "Our leaders know the price of everything and the value of nothing."  "Americans are prisoners of a political 'duopoly'", i.e. Republican vs Democratic quandry. He discussed George Orwell's little known first book, 'Burmese Days'.  In total, he was brilliant.  A Utopianist.  His logic was unarguable, but his belief in human nature being able to overcome inherent human greed was hard for me to 'believe' in.  I think people are fucked up and thus the planet is doomed.  George believes if they had the correct leadership and motivation in education and values, it would all balance out perfectly.  If only it were possible.  The website for political party 'RESPECT': www.respectcoalition.org


Blacked out coaches deliver you to this beautiful, dark adaptation of Japanese Horror, from the multi-award winning choreographer: '... if there was a Turner prize for dance, Darren Johnston would be on the shortlist' Times. www.auroranova.org
by Wave of the future by alternatives to the standard theatre experience The Times 2004

My take on Ren-Sa:  "the last thing I saw in the Fringe Festival was a Japanese dance/theatre production called 'REN-SA.  At the steps of the St Stephen's Church they load you into black-plastic lined vans.  The blacked-out drive takes 15 minutes and gave me a small sense of what a cattle car to Auzchwitz might have been like.  Terrifying.  We disembarked at the door to a brick  industrial site filled with stage-smoke and a path lit by the equivalent of 'airline floor lights' leading 'round what looks like a caterpillar's nest or triangular room walled with white screen material.  The audience moves along two of the sides and remains standing throughout looking in.  The room within is lit by one wall of video screens and the floor is covered in deep snow.  Under this layer of snow you can make-out a shape lying in the 'child position'.  Electronic music and wind sounds begin simultaneously and the video screens come to life.. a white-shrouded woman in a room.. approaching the camera.. growing larger and then sliding away... only hair and eyes visible..  The figure in the snow comes to life and starts writhing then dragging herself towards us, around the inner space, sliding backwards.. inching forwards..  This is the start to a 50-minute drama we watched enrapt.  You are caught up in this 'dance' which is like a dance of survival for this woman swathed in long white robes and mad hair in the snow... then, from nowhere, a girl child appears in the space with her and they meet and connect and dance and swirl and pull and grasp and don't let each other go and then... there are TWO girl children who attack and kill the other child in the snow while the mother figure watches and, surprising to me, does nothing..  then cradles the two who killed the one.. and we are instructed to leave as she is wrapped, head bowed, around them and the snow is falling.  IT WAS SPECTACULAR>  All done in a space about the size of your living room.  You couldn't see any of the audience beyond the screen so know the dancers couldn't see them either yet they would come up to the screen as if searching for you and they had no mouths and black circled eyes and they were ghastly, ghostly, and desperate.. like some fight for survival on the side of some mountain yet at the same time all the tenderness and nurturing and then at the end she let the one child die to nurture the other two.. it was amazing... you could never have seen it on your iPod, television or mobile phone.  Long live art."

And now the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is OVER.. I might just die..

But, I can't because Andy G's got me another gig at the Doghouse in Dundee and the guy from Nektar in the Cowgate has also offered me a gig on Sun September 18th.  Missed playing the Festival.. but there's still time to play.  And tonight to See NUTS COCONUTS with Fifi.  So.. the Festival of Life goes on.  

Notes on NUTS COCONUTS: a wonderful last Festival Fling with Fifi.. a very hard-working, super-entertaining and inventive show.  I loved the guy dancing with the coconut on his head and the sexy chick walking back and forth through the audience.  It was all interactive and taking you by surprise at turns.  Loved it.  End to a great month... here anyway.. not so hot in New Orleans!


Always an eyeful: The Universe Today



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