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DECEMBER 2006  northcalcoast3.JPG (38900 bytes) down_the_road.jpg (51013 bytes) Notes from the road...

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[If you're looking for January 07 and what happened next:  The drive home]

 Sun 31 Dec 2006 -  MGCK Music       Last day of 2006 - Climb that mountain

and howl like a wolf!!!!
View from the peak of Mt Lemmon, outside Tucson, Arizona - 10,000 ft. -  6pm New Year's Eve 2006. Untreated and unfiltered. [photo by Electra]

And we're in sunny, dry, 3000 ft high, spring-warm, winter-freezing by night, Tucson, Arizona.. JM finds an ex-musician friend and I find a long-missed brother. We climb a mountain and bring the New Year in with some glorious vistas, deep snow and incredible crystal clean air.  What have I learned to love in this American end of 2006???  Mendocino, drive-through Starbucks, giant 4-wheel drive vehicles, Highway 1 (revisited), Redwoods, snow and hotels (did I ever stop loving them?).   Unfortunately, it's a lifestyle that's unsustainable and leaves no hope for the planet and absolutely promises to destroy that very beautiful crystal air we share up the mountain... but still, for now (living in the moment to the last) we've had a great trip.  Heading back north to San Francisco day one of 2007.  It will take another couple days to get there, without pushing it.  And then, sadly, our three-week 'Dean Moriarty' /Jack Kerouac-style adventure will come to an end and all the songs we've been listening to will be reminders of just another great time in a life:

"Drive west on Sunset to the sea.... Turn that jungle music down...just 'til we're out of town..." Babylon Sisters - Steely Dan

Must admit.. on the trip.. we discovered and became HOOKED ON super sexist, Anti-feminist, Anti-'american Bitch women', anti Girls in General, meister mysogynist (but funny as f*ck) Tom Leykis' talk-metal radio show streaming from "a mud-filled casita  in downtown LA"... www.BlowMeUpTOM.com

He sends everyone out with a 'bong'.

Also... lucky enough to hear ALICE COOPER's show in Phoenix on ROCK FM, 93.3 - He's so smart, so funny and plays GRRREAT music.

 Sat 30 Dec 2006 -  MGCK Music       They called him 'Jonny Ringo...

Today was spent moseying 'round Tombstone, AZ .. (south of Tucson, a stone's throw from the Mexican Border...) even visited Boot Hill...the real one.  All those westerns unreeling in my head. When asked to comment how I'd heard about Tombstone, I wrote, 'John Wayne'.

My favourite of all preserved sites was The Gilded Birdcage.  The entertainment joint and sin palace where the likes of Dutch Annie, Copperhead, Shady Sadie Jo and Cuckoo entertained the local lawmen and drifters....Apparently, a run-away White Russian prince had a box there every night.  Tombstone was a boom town.  At the end of the 1800's 15,000 people were hanging out there, working the mines, and filling the bars and dancehalls by night.  Today's OK Corral is packed with tourists and cowboys and lawmen:








The showgirl who caught my imagination most was of course, 'Shady' Sadie Jo, the young runaway from some point east who became Wyatt Earp's lover, while she was fiancby d to the local sheriff, who wanted her to stop being a prostitute before he would marry her.  Eventually, Wyatt Earp left the woman he was living with for Shady Sadie Jo.  That other woman, who's name escapes me, departed for Prescott, Arizona and drank arsenic.  Shady Sadie Jo travelled out of Tombstone with Wyatt Earp and we don't know what happened to her after that.  Yes indeed it was a man's world and there's a poem on the wall of The Gilded Birdcage dedicated to the downward spiralling sorrow of the women who worked there in the 'only job' a woman could hold apart from school teacher in 1879.

The evening drive from Tombstone back to Tucson, we went route 82 to 83, of course you pack through a border security checkpoint, where the guy asking 'What are you doing 'round here?' smiles at you through his reflective shades while a big German Shepherd sniffs the shit out of the back of your car.  That was fine.  I was a little concerned when we had to admit, of the two of us in the vehicle, one of us was not an american.. but it was ok, once they looked through the passports, took JM's iris scans and fingerprints and stuffed a rubber glove up our asses...yeah  it was fine and they let us pass without incident. The road north was absolutely beautiful with snow-dusted mountains and sunset purple.  The best touch was going out to 'Famous Sam's Sports Bar' and ending the night watching the NY Giants beating hell out of the Washington Redskins, while sipping a PERFECT pint of Miller Light!!! (less carbs, less calories):

  Fri 29 Dec 2006 -  MGCK Music       "'Do people think, when they die, they go to a shop in the sky?"'JM

Something we've noticed while driving the 1000+ miles from San Francisco to Tucson, whenever you ask people what a town or place is like, they tell you the shopping and restaurants are good.  Like 'Hello...' is that it?  Is that the new 'heaven'?  Shops and restaurants?  The whole planet is going to be covered in shops and restaurants (and motorways to take you to them) and then what??? 

After Yosemite, there's a sense of 'oh no' coming back to the bump and grind of the 'current' culture', i.e. stayed in the Vagabond Inn in Bakersfield, CA last night... Kinda puts the 'Hell' in Hello.

Then... all routes east...

Later same day:  We got to Tucson and thought... it's still light and it's beautiful, let's go the extra miles to the OK Corral. We've arrived in Tombstone, Arizona and are staying in a wonderful hotel on a ridge looking across to the Dragoon Mountains.  About 30 miles south is Mexico and we already went through one checkpoint; Homeland Security perusing all vehicles and identification.  It's now 7:42pm and in about 15 minutes, Saddam Hussein is to be executed.  We've been listening all day to Talk Radio stations discussing the pros and cons to hangin' the man.  I no longer know what's right or what's 'supposed' to be right.  We're all headed somewhere... each man to his own trials and his own trail.

Tues-Weds 26-27 Dec 2006 -  MGCK Music       'On the Road again....'

We head into the Sierras and land a couple of hours later in our favourite Valley: Yosemite

It seemed we'd arrived between snowstorms and so, maybe, would be lucky.  After a 'photo frenzy' with the million other winter-wrapped people swarming over every possible vista point, we made our way out of the valley down to the WAWONA HOTEL: a great big wonderful sprawling Victorian-style establishment, built in 1879, just after the gold-rush turned the Valley into a 'tourist' location.  The place was fully booked, so we were lucky to have a reservation and after dropping our bags off in a room that reminded me of something you'd find above a saloon in the old West, we headed for the Hotel Lounge to sit by a roaring fire and sip cocktails (Mai-Tais for me and Skyline Martinis for JM), as Tom Bopp serenaded us with his 'cup of tea' and magick hands.. everything from Bach and Beethoven to Rachmaninoff and 'Dixie'. After a couple of hours in that warm heaven and leaving Tom a healthy tip, we roamed back up to our cottage, to sleep in the most comfortable bed I think I've ever slept in.  

We woke in the morning to the sound of snow-plows and this view from our porch: our greatest concern and, oddly, greatest secret wish: SNOW was falling!  

And SNOW in the Sierras means CHAINS.  

It's the law, unless you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle and snow tires, which is why everyone has massive 4-wheel drive SUV's.  It's an 'outdoor' culture and the mountains are a regular visitation point year round.  After some fortifying coffee by the huge Christmas tree and a trip to the local garage to get a 'chains' lesson from an old Sierra hand. We set off up the snowy road climbing past Badger Pass

 and then down again into the Valley and the wonder of life that is Yosemite in another season.

and the rest is just us:

capturing the moment

under Bridal Veil Falls

atop a rock

Christmas Day - Mon 25 Dec 2006 -  MGCK Music       'Happy Holidays... 

Sun 24 Dec 2006 -  MGCK Music       'Twas the night before Christmas and..'

"Life's been good to me so far"... Jim bought the Joe Walsh and Steely Dan collection at Virgin before we started the drive... so we've had 'vintage' California tunes to go with the classic California vibe and scenery.  Last night we arrived at Bodega Bay and decided to stay here and hit SF tomorrow.. which will be TODAY.. later..

First stop for me last night, was (of course) the hot tub.. and then a little bar / food place called The Wharf.. where we had cracked crab salad fresh from the Bay and read the history of the surroundings.  I knew that Alfred Hitchcock shot the film 'The Birds' in Bodega Bay, which is why I said let's call this our last Northern California stop before SF, but didn't know that Sir Francis Drake docked the Golden Hynd in this harbour in 1579 for repairs, while his Scottish ship's doctor (Fletcher) studied the local Miwok Indian tribe and came to the conclusion they'd been in the region for about 12,000 years.  He described them as 'peaceful and affectionate without guile'... so unlike the Europeans who would come along and wipe them out.

This morning.. I've woken to another cup of coffee and a lovely view of sandpipers and oyster catchers raking around in the sand.

So anyway... it's been a groovy kind of trip and I realise as I'm looking from our terrace out over the Bay, that I'm kind of picky.  I need holidays that last a few months.  This one's been a good one and it's not over yet.  Home for Christmas and then to Yosemite and all points South.  Must get to LA to see Alexis in the New Year.. And we LOVE Highway 1!!

 Thurs, Fri & Sat 21-23 Dec 2006 -  MGCK Music       'Elemental Days...

I'm playing Dean Moriarty to JM's 'Jack K'...

We left San Francisco and headed for Highway 1 in lashing rain and wind from an 'Arctic storm front' blowing down from Alaska along the Pacific Coast to Oregon.  Only a few miles after crossing the Golden Gate Bridge and taking the Mill Valley turnoff for Highway 1 we met with a 'CLOSED' Highway 1 sign and had to detour about 25 miles to Point Reyes via another route and reconnect.  I kept thinking..... 'bad day to start a light-hearted pre-Christmas trip', but the further North we drove with the Pacific Ocean unfurling her breathtaking vistas before us and huge waves crashing along the north 400 miles of rough-hewn coast line... we finally hooked up with the spirit of the thing and got soaked walking on wind-torn beaches, got caught in a sudden BIG WAVE that washed us up to our kneecaps out of nowhere carrying all the seas debris with it to the foot of the bluff.  Yeah the first day was something else and I thought, 'ok... this is winter in the North California Coast... there are grey whales and orcas and great whites and seals and sea otters and seabirds flocking in their thousands.... it's wild and ripped and alive and we're soaked and we don't mind if it's like this all the way up.

Then.... the sun broke through the clouds just North of Gualala.


and what a beautiful evening it turned into.  We stopped at a tiny town just before Mendocino called Little River and booked into The Little River Inn sitting atop a bluff.  We have this beautiful room... with a sun deck overlooking the Bay below... the Ocean beyond... the deer come to spend the night on the lawn under our terrace at precisely 10pm.  The beer, wine and food are incomparably delicious and the constant roar of the Pacific throwing herself on the rocks and against the shore...all night long.. the beautiful rumble of salty thunder.


Ok.. so we're happy here.  I wake up at dawn and just soak in the colours.

and have a coffee

and talk to my new friend

We decided to explore this little bit of North Coast Paradise rather than head straight up to Oregon.  That will most likely be another trip next Spring.. the Pacific Northwest.. Seattle.. The Rockies.. etc..

So we went as far as we wanted to (got just north of Eureka.. about 50 miles from the Oregon border) and did a U-turn and headed back south to Little River.  Of course, my camera didn't capture much more up the road than a few snaps of sunny rugged coast before we headed inland into the Redwood Groves. Massive trees that I hope JM snapped some shots of as my batteries are now dead.  The charger is back in San Francisco.  We drove under a canopy of BIG TREES for 30 miles up a hairpin winding mountain road, so corkscrew tight the speed limit was 10MPH.

[**Sorry I haven't talked about bands and music lately.. .but it just hasn't been a priority.  Once you get out on the open road.. all of that 'chatter' falls away... and all that's left is the miraculous power of Nature and beauty and wild things.]


Wed 20 Dec 2006 -  MGCK Music       'Still in San Francisco...

on a little boat-ride around the Bay

We walked up Van Ness to the Bay yesterday and my camera's not too good on long distance wide open scenes but it was kind of like this:

Walking up Hyde from the Bay yesterday, greeted by this cut tree stump:

[photos by Electra, Dec 2006]

Saw 'Apocalypto' last night.. surrounded by some Mexican dudes, who throughout were speaking a dialect of Hispanic Mexican Spanish that was pretty unusual to my ears.  The best bit.. they kept picking words out of the 'Mayan' language of the film (the whole thing is in 'Mayan' with subtitles), and I realised, these people go all the way back to the real thing; which isn't necessarily the story Mel is telling, but the film is visually stunning.

Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues 16-19 Dec 2006 -  MGCK Music       'Just say cheese...'

Lot of Holiday parties...kids, families.. new faces.. Chanukah, Christmas.. whatever those other holiday names are... it's all going on.. and even though I live in the UK.. that doesn't mean I like hangovers, but in the last few days I've had a few...  JM just arrived and we're in a hotel.. planning our short break up to Oregon.. snow, Mt Hood, lost climbers.. wild Pacific Highway 1... it's all good.... hope yours is too.

Wed/Thurs 13-14 Dec 2006 -  MGCK Music       'It's life Jim, but not as we know it...'

Saw the film 'Holiday'.. which was kinda interesting in a scary sociological kinda way.  Is this what's happened to women?

On the questions of what's happened to men: I was in the hot tub the other night with a couple of gay curtain rod designers.  This is San Francisco and just about every curtain rod designer... just about EVERY ONE!! is 'gay' or might swing that way.  {everyone except the surfers of course!)

On the question of what's happened to people: Nobody in this town speaks to anybody of any gender on the off-chance the person speaking to you is 'hitting' on you, scamming you and/or wants money from you

On the question of what's happened to kids:  A discussion on television last night about the effect of internet porn on the sexual relationships of young people.  Specifically, that boys aged 12-17 are becoming addicted to internet porn and will these young men want to have 'normal' sexual relationships with women or will they forever be wedded to the screen.

On the question of 'music':  Saw a band called 'Dental Wreck' at the 'Rock Tomb'.  I left with the sure understanding that gum disease can be fatal, especially if you floss with guitar strings.

Tues 12 Dec 2006 -  MGCK Music       It only took four times...

"Mom says surfer retiring from sport after 4th incident"

Our very own Royce Frailey, Sunday's shark incident star, has admitted to three previous personal run-ins with great white sharks while surfing along the Northern California Coast, from Half Moon Bay about 20 miles south of San Francisco, to the mouth of Russian River about 60 miles north... FOUR TIMES!!! Royce has experienced the full 'Red Triangle' shark story, including the whole JAWS head-out-of-the-water, eyes rolled back, teeth searing his flesh thing.  He's apparently even rescued other surfers and applied first aid, after a severed femoral artery almost killed one young wave rider.  Now he's staying home with his wife and two children. Apparently quite shaken, but thankful, for his lucky release from the shark's bite.

Mon 11 Dec 2006 -  MGCK Music       Now you know why I don't go in the water...


""Surfer Survives attack by Shark: On Sunday, a surfer was attacked and dragged about 15 feet underwater near Dillon Beach by what is believed to be a great white shark. Royce Frailey, 43, survived with just minor bites to his legs.  He was resting face down on his board waiting for a wave a couple hundred feet off Dillon Beach about 11:30am when he felt a surge of water beneath him.  Then a shark, 12 to 15 feet long, clamped onto his surfboard, it's teeth shooting through the board.  It lifted him up and he felt a sting in his right hip and upper thigh, and the shark took him and dove down with him about 15 feet.  "He was holding the board with all of his might" said Marin County Fire Capt Rick Wonneberger.  "As he went down, the resistance was too much, and he popped up and rocketed out of the water.  There is no doubt in my mind that his injuries are minimal due to the surfboard."  When questioned about the incident, Frailey said, "It was an excellent day to be surfing.'""

I told you.. they look good, but they're not very bright.

""The last attack in Northern California was last year when a surfing instructor survived after wrestling free from a 14-foot great white shark."" and "There was a spate of shark attacks in 2004."

OK... Pacific Ocean.. mean temperature: icy cold.. kelp beds in profusion offshore... lots of seals and sea lions... Northern California coast and area out to the Farallon Islands is occasionally referred to as the 'RED TRIANGLE' due to number of great white sharks in it's waters.... Apparently there have been 90 shark attacks in the last 10 years... hmmmm..    I think I'll call the kid down below, Mr Live Bait!  But this final quote from the article really tickles me:

"There is no reason to be surprised that one would be attacked at Dillon Beach.  That beach has white sharks patrolling it for seals and sea lions....The person who surfs there tomorrow is dumb.  The person who surfed there today is unlucky."  John McKosker, Great White Shark expert at the California Academy of Sciences.

The person who surfs there AT ALL... needs a brain transplant.  And believe me, they will be surfing there tomorrow.



 Sat/Sun 9-10 Dec 2006 -  MGCK Music       The weather fairy...

heard me and granted my wish.  It's like a hurricane outside.. lashing rain and high winds rocking the ficus trees.  Yet, from the upstairs balcony.. I can see two guys in the Hot Tub.  Determined to the last.  All I need is a pint of Guinness and I could be in The Galley @ Ardfern.

Anyway... some surfing totty to help us forget the weather... This kid asked me to take his photograph at Ocean Beach. 

It's strange to be conflicted about San Francisco.  I was here for 4 years after living in Singapore. I didn't like living here at the time; was missing lots of things and to be honest... San Francisco can be a little 'weird'; but in subsequent trips back to visit since returning to the UK, I've grown to appreciate it's astonishing natural beauty, wacky culture; alternative / yuppie mix, bleeding-edge Silicon Valley soul and year-round mild climate.

Anyway.. the end of ruminating is upon us.. Next week.. lotsa people start arriving, including my partner.  So... gear shift coming.

Fri 8 Dec 2006 -  MGCK Music       You can tell things are slow in Paradise...

Is it possible I miss the cold and the wet?  Do I want to sit in a pub nursing a pint and just wishing I was in KALIFORNIA!!?!! Or am I just confused??!!!!

 Films: 'THE QUEEN'.. I had to come to California to see a movie about the UK (I guess I just love that place).  Great flick.  Helen Mirren is so compellingly completely this other person... and again, the vistas of Scottish hillsides and her passion for a stag who 'lost his head'.  Great film.

and 'old news' already... INCUBUS have a new album out.. that was like a few weeks ago.. I have yet to hear it.

Cleaning out my 'archives' and chanced across this lovely peace about Scotland.  Almost brought a tear of longing to my eye...

20 June 2004 - Sunday - MGCK Music  Thought for the Day - "It's no place like home." - from Australian Tourist Board campaign Arrived back last night around 1AM.  We headed west through Glencoe, which looked so lush and green and mournful.  Rain and mist caressing the hill-tops.  I don't think I've ever seen it any other way.  Through Oban.. lots of strange memories of mushroom nights on the folly hill-top and a trip to see 'wolves' - not the football team and leaving the hire-car keys on the shelf at the then local SPAR.  Turn left and down through Jim's fave part of this entire island: Argyll.  More rain, but still, beautiful, uncompromising vistas.  Occasionally a triangle of sunlight would crown the top of a munro in the distance.  Jim has a homing instinct for the place.  I always go straight north, Inverness, Loch Ness way; all those Aleister Crowley/Jimmy Page mnemonics and memories of hitching rides and drinking beer at the Foyers Hotel with the Boleskine House gatekeeper, who's name completely escapes me now.  Must be the Alzheimers.  Malcolm Dent?  Is that it?  I think that's it.  He was a lovely guy.  Reminds me of another ride I hitched along that lochside, with a farmer, one of Jimmy Page's neighbours.  He complained about the noise (music volume) that emanated from the house, usually during the month of May, and the women (witches?) dancing in the graveyard across the road 'round midnight.  Well...ya know... it's all that mumbo jumbo some people are into.  Church of Scotland probably.  Anyway.. back to the farmer:  a serious and not bad looking early 30-something, who confided he was a widower and that I was an awfully beautiful girl to be out hitching on such a lonesome road.  Did I marry him??? Was he the one??? I love memories.  They simply the best. 

Anyway.. that's the way I drive through Scotland.  Jim always homes to Argyll.  I can see why.  It's incredibly lush, somewhat prehistoric (fern-covered) and very very beautiful.  Also, he has about a thousand friends and acquaintances dotted all over the landscape in hidden hilltop retreats.  I refer to most of them as the 'dope-smoking dumbos'.  Not because I'm anti-dope.  I'm just anti-dumbo.  But Very 'pro' hanging out in hilltop retreats.  If only they weren't always stoned, I could enjoy being there with them all ways..

Fresh cod (that's what they said) and chips in Inveraray.  A flashy Glaswegian lass wandered into the chippy asking where she could buy wine?  He said, like nowhere luv.  It's 8pm on a Saturday night in this town.  Reminds me of Salt Lake City, without the weather.

19 June 2004 - Saturday  Thought for the Day - "It's the people who are not seen who change art and culture and fashion and music.  It's the people who are constantly pushed away who change the world." - Morrissey

Dec 4, 5, and maybe 6  2006 -  MGCK Music       I have become so lazy...

I have absolutely 'nothing' to say.  Just acting as a sponge for California culture, which is so overwhelmingly full on.  There's just so many messages assailing you on any given day.  No time to think up your own! And the weather.. the sunshine is blowing my head off.  Coming from a cold dark island (BRITAIN) I live with the fear that somehow this glorious sunshine will end.. so I'd better soak up as much of it as I can get.  Like a starved child making herself sick on sweets.    Anyway... Christmas is coming and with it comes about a hundred family members.. sisters, mother, brothers, nieces, nephews.. last weekend was spent looking after my 12 year old niece, so I'm getting the hang of the family thing...warming me up for the full on event.  Should be ok.. JM will be arriving weekend after next and day after Christmas, we're off for an adventure in the Sierras in the snow.. then down to Tucson Arizona.. for some desert heat.  Don't know if I'll do much between now and then.. maybe.. maybe not.  Pour another Bud.  

lone surfer, Ocean  Beach, heading home at sunset...
[5 Dec 2006 5:30pm by Electra - as is Hot Tub photo]

 The weekend-  Dec 1, 2 & 3  06 -  MGCK Music       Notes from the Hot Tub...

Here we are... the 1st of December and it's just one beautiful sunny California day after another.  Little else seems to matter, except enjoying it,

and my new friend (old literary flame)


Uh oh.. one tiny little shadow on my super sunny horizon: The Winner of The YouTube Video Contest was NOT Deep Six!!! But, encouragingly, the video that won 'Best in Show' is really clever and the song is kinda great.  So, with a jealous but approving heart.. I bring you the link for MALDROID's video, "He said, She Said'.: or something like that.

Friday night saw a new Indi film: DREAMLAND.  Must report, it wasn't very good.. except for the location (a sparse trailer park called 'Dreamland' in the deserts of New Mexico) and the scenes with the two main characters (young nubile female) in the Hot Tub with the sweeping seemingly endless backdrop of the vast New Mexico landscape behind them.  Gina Gershon played an ex-punk chick rock-band female ex-almost-star thing, now living in a trailer park, playing the guitar nightly to an audience of the fulling moon; loving her anonymity and freedom.   It was kind of filled with a longing for things that had never happened and probably never would.  There must be a single word that encapsulates that feeling, but it's not appropriate here and now in the land of opportunity.


Horoscope for December: Haven't decided who the lucky sign is yet.

If you're looking for LAST MONTH's stuff : go to Last month's blog: November 06

Still smokin'!!!!


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Sites worth a visit and support are: http://www.adbusters.org and Be an 'Antipreneur' - anti-corporate - self-motivated activist: http://adbusters.org/metas/politico/antipreneur/



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