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***Disclaimer - we make music, we like life, but we also take note of the craziness all around and sometimes write about it.  If you find yourself described in any of the fairy-tales on this page, just remember... all of your names and details are fictitious. Love and kiss kiss kiss, Delta Dawn

14 January 2013 - Monday - MGCK Music 


Have You Ever Been Shamed By Your Job Title?

I turned on JM’s mac to look for the lyrics to CSN&Y ‘Love the One You’re With’ and for some reason did the rounds of my inboxes and emails and went to 'Linked in' because I had an ‘email’ reminding me to ‘visit’ to 'meet all your new ‘connections’.. it was like a Zombie bomb had gone off. 22 people wanted to be my ‘friends’.. all of them with some odious job-titles and self-descriptions, like ‘Marketing Professional‘… (I would direct you to Bill Hick’s rant on “marketing people‘ at this juncture). I’m waiting to read one single person’s bio that says Planet-Lover, REVOLUTIONARY!!! Guevarista!! Neo-Bolshevik!!! Even a mangy old Leninist would do. Perhaps… a good-old fashioned deeply thoughtful pseudo-Marxist would be more than welcome aboard. Which reminds me, on Linked in, where it asks Political Persuasion, I must remember to put mine. Anyway.. The names and faces shall be changed to protect the innocents, but the job-titles shall remain to (hopefully) shame them.

I’m going to make a ‘new’ connection. ‘Pierce M-Orgone Energy: Broadcaster’ That will be my newest bud. Worked at: After the Apocalypse: 2000 - Present and ‘Linkedin Zombie Watch: 2011-2012 , Harald Hardrada School of Project Management


1 January 2013 - New Year's Day - Tuesday -  MGCK Music 

How about an autopsy on the last year?

"ну и так далее, сами знаете, что я тут распинаюсь. И не надо ничего запрещать. Надо, чтоб существовало пространство, куда можно уйти, оставив этот дурацкий, набитый подлостью и глупостью сундук пылиться в углу. Но такого пространства пока нет."  PRILEPIN

"You know what, I'm crucified. And do not deny anything. There must be a space where you can go away, leaving the stupid; full of their meanness and stupidity in a trunk in the corner collecting dust.  But such a space... not yet."

That’s really all Prilepin has to say about everything. It’s the most important phrase and covers 2012 perfectly.  Or you can just visit it and read all about it: 2012

The good news about 2013?  We entered it in Liverpool..  A city known for it's unbridled enthusiasm.. and the place where on New Year's Day I fell in love... with a horse and a beach... or 'My kingdom for a horse.. and a beach..' His name's 'Gadget', but we can change that.

GadgetBeach at Sefton


Re Bloggerhea: In times of Martial Law, opinion is the first thing that will be outlawed, so the most important thing to voice is your opinion.

you're looking for the LAST Year's stuff - go to: Unoffishal 2012 - Still smokin'!!!! 


  BE THERE...... or BE SOMEWHERE ELSE!  If you don't know how.. take lessons


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